How Hot Do Clothing Steamers Get?

how hot do clothing steamers get

A clothing steamer will heat into the 200 degrees Fahrenheit range to produce steam. Despite their portability and ease of use, you can still suffer severe burns from a home clothing steamer. 

You should never touch the metal parts of a clothing steamer without holding the body of the steamer first (or a towel). When not in use, always unplug a clothing steamer, and do not allow small children to operate the steamer.

Steamers are not just for clothes! You can also use them to clean surfaces like furniture, carpets, and drapes. For best results, try to find a model that produces temperatures greater than 212°F (100°C). Avoid using a garment steamer on unsealed surfaces or delicate items like musical instruments or antiques.

How Hot Do Conair Steamers Get?

Conair offers a range of handheld and standing clothing steamers. Conair handheld steamers range from 450 watts up to 1875 watts.

Conair doesn’t openly disclose the exact temperature their steamers reach. Some models of Conair handheld steamers hold small amounts of water and pass through a heat pump that heats the water to generate steam.

Therefore, it can be assumed that Conair steamers get as hot as 212°F, the temperature required to reach boiling point. The more powerful steamers, such as the Turbo Extreme Steam models, which operate at 1875 watts, may heat to higher temperatures to produce a steady steam output.

How Do I Know if my Steamer is Getting Got Enough?

If your clothing steamer is producing a steady output of steam, then it is likely hot enough to remove wrinkles. If you find that the steam is patchy, your clothing steamer splutters or spits water, or you don’t feel it is working efficiently, you may need to descale your steamer.

How Hot Can a Handheld Steamer Get?

how hot do garment steamers get

A handheld steamer can get very hot and should be used with caution. Heating up to 212°F, handheld steamers can get just as hot as full-sized clothing steamers. 

Some handheld steamers, such as the Conair Turbo Extreme Steam operate at 1875 watts of power, which is more powerful than some full size clothing steamers.

How Hot Does a 1500 Watt Steamer Get?

A 1500 watt steamer can reach temperatures of up to 248°F. An example of a steamer with this capability is the Anthter Professional Steamer.

Salav also makes a 1500 watt garment steamer and advises their model heats to over 200°F. This is for the model number GS18-DJ/120.

How Hot Does a Steamfast Garment Steamer get?

Steamfast garment steamers are designed to reach temperatures up to 212°F, the boiling point for water.

Can a Garment Steamer Burn Clothes?

how hot is steam from a clothes steamer

Garment steamers are a popular alternative to traditional irons. They don’t require an ironing board, and they get the wrinkles out of clothes faster. However, one common question is whether or not these devices can burn clothes.

The reason garment steamers are so popular is that they are far more gentle on clothing than irons. Never, in my experience, have I burnt any type of fabric with a garment steamer. You are more likely to burn yourself with the heat of the steam, than burning your clothing.

Garment steamers are often recommended for use on dry clean only clothing and delicate items which would be easily burnt with an iron, such as silk. To err on the side of caution and avoid any potential damage to clothing, use your clothing steamer on the lowest steam setting (if it has multiple settings).

If it doesn’t have multiple settings, simply hold the steamer head or handheld steamer further away from the delicate clothing to start. Gradually move closer to the fabric, keeping a careful watch on the area you are steaming.

Can You Put Alcohol in a Steamer?

You should never put anything in a clothing steamer except water, preferably distilled or demineralized. Adding things such as alcohol, disinfectants, cleaning solutions, essential oils, etc., may damage the internal workings of your steamer.

If you need to descale your clothing steamer, you can do this with a vinegar and water mix. This is the only time you should add anything other than water to your steamer.

What is The Most Powerful Handheld Steamer?

how hot do fabric steamers get

The Conair Turbo Extreme Steam handheld steamer operates at 1875 watts, making it the most powerful handheld steamer for 2023. Rowenta also make a 1875 watt handheld steamer,

There are also some non-branded Chinese-made handheld steamers which are 1800 watt devices. Here is one available at Walmart for less than $40.

Please keep in mind that the more powerful the handheld steamer, the faster the output of steam will be, which uses the water more quickly. This is a problem with some Conair models, which have small water tanks. You need to stop and refill every other piece of clothing, which can be frustrating when steaming multiple pieces.

How Long Does it Take to Steam Clothes With a Steamer?

Most handheld steamers heat up in under a minute, and it takes no more than a few minutes to steam the wrinkles. It may take longer for thicker fabrics such as denim or materials that need hotter steam for wrinkle removal, such as cotton and linen.

If you have an item such as a business shirt, it may take you longer to begin with, as many different shirt sections need steaming. You may also need to pay more attention to collars, cuffs, buttons, and pockets.

Some full-sized clothing steamers and commercial garment steamers heat the entire water boiler before they are ready to steam. Allow 10-15 minutes for heat-up time if you have one of these fabric steamers. 

How Hot Does a Travel Steamer Get?

Dual voltage travel steamers don’t heat as hot as single voltage handheld steamers. You can expect a travel steamer to operate between 450 and 1100 watts. They still need to heat water around the 200°F level to create steam.

However, you will find that the time it takes to heat the water is longer, and with the lower wattage steamers, the steam flow is generally not as strong.


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