26 High Pressure Steam Cleaners Above 65 PSI

high pressure steam cleaner

I’ve been on the hunt for high pressure steam cleaners that offer serious cleaning ability. This list below offers 26 high pressure steam cleaners which operate above 65 PSI.

For sanitizing at home, Vapor Clean recommends a 75 PSI machine that will heat the boiler tank above 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Most home steam cleaners don’t operate anywhere near this level. 

If you have a home steam cleaner and are frustrated by the amount of water emitted with steam, look for a machine that heats to a higher temperature. In turn, hotter steam will be output that contains less moisture.

What is a Good PSI for a Steam Cleaner?

There are differences between cleaning, disinfecting and sanitizing. Eurogem steamers recommend 3 bars of steam pressure “at the very least” for effective cleaning. 3 bars of steam pressure equals 43.5 PSI. 

Vapor Clean recommends that homeowners and light commercial users look for a steam cleaner with at least 58 PSI for cleaning. This equates to 4 bars of steam pressure (bars are the European measurement). For sanitizing, lab tests undertaken by Vapor Clean showed that 100% of bacteria was eliminated at 72 PSI. This was tested with a 75PSI steam cleaner and a 120PSI steam cleaner. 

As 72PSI was strong and hot enough steam to kill bacteria, Vapor Clean concluded that there is no benefit to buying a hotter, higher pressure machine. Of course, if using steam to degrease an engine or clean commercial or industrial equipment, you may want to consider the more powerful machines.

What is the Difference Between PSI and Bars?

Sometimes you will see steam pressure referred to as PSI, which is pounds per square inch, an imperial unit of pressure.

The European measurement is bars of steam. It is still measuring the pressure of the steam at a certain boiling point. The Engineering Toolbox has a great table that shows the different bars of pressure for steam temperatures.

How Hot Should a Steam Cleaner Be?

How hot a steam cleaner is should depend on what you want to use it for. The steam cleaners that heat the water to boiling point (212 degrees Fahrenheit) are sufficient for general cleaning. For sanitizing, you would need to hold the steam cleaner in one place for quite some time at this temperature.

For efficient sanitizing, the boiler tank must heat the water to at least 293 degrees Fahrenheit to output steam at 72PSI. 

Vapor steam cleaners vary slightly from standard home steam cleaners, as they emit less than 5% water in the steam. This is what is called dry steam. However, be aware that if you are using a hotter and more powerful machine for home cleaning on general surfaces, higher temperatures can cause damage.

A 75PSI steam cleaner will heat the boiler tank above 300 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize at home. 

High Pressure Steam Cleaners – A Comprehensive List

In the table below, you’ll find 26 high-pressure steam cleaners with a PSI of 65 or more.

Six of the steam cleaners on the list have a PSI of 100 or more. These are intended for commercial use and are quite an investment. I wouldn’t recommend buying these for home use unless you want the best of the best. 

ModelBoiler TempNozzle TempPSIRun Time
Vapor Clean Home Steam Cleaner298°F6560-90 mins
Vapor Clean Alfa302°F 65Continuous Fill
US Steam Falcon Plus Commercial312°F245°F6560-90 mins
Reliable Brio Plus315°F 260°F 72Continuous Fill
Dupray Tosca316°F72.590 mins
US Steam Eagle Commercial312°F245°F75Continuous Fill
Vapor Clean Pro 6 Solo311°F 240-294°F7560-90 mins
Polti Vaporetto Eco Steam Vac/Steamer315°F 7545 mins
Vapor Clean Desiderio Plus Commercial318°F240-294°F75Continuous Fill
Vapamore MR-750 Ottimo302°F210-240°F75180 mins
Kleenjet Pro Plus 200S310°F75
Kleenjet Pro Plus 300S310°F75
Ladybug 2300310°F 260°F80Continuous Fill
US Steam SeaHawk330°F 250-290°F 80
Ladybug Tekno 2350325°F 260°F80Continuous Fill
Reliable Brio Pro320°F 250°F 87Continuous Fill
Vapor Clean Pro 5 Solo327°F8760 minutes
Vapor Clean Pro 6 Duo311°F240-280°F87Continuous Fill
Vapamore Forza MR-1000 320°F280 °F 90
MondoVap Steam Vapor System330°F230°F98Continuous Fill
Vapor Clean Pro 7312°F300°F101.5Continuous Fill
Dupray Carmen Super Inox338°F105Continuous Fill
US Steam Blue Evolution Commercial338°F 117Continuous Fill
Dupray Hill Injection345°F121Continuous Fill
Dupray Steam Box347°F121Continuous Fill
US Steam Hero356°F 145Continuous Fill

The main difference between home steam cleaners and commercial steam cleaners is the temperature they heat the boiler to, resulting in variances in steam pressure.

When choosing a steam cleaner, consider how hot the boiler tank gets and how much steam pressure is created. Steam cleaners with a higher temperature produce drier steam. Higher-pressured steam cleaners generally heat the water in the boiler tank well above boiling point. This makes drier steam more hygienic, kills more bacteria quickly, and makes steam cleaning more effective.

The temperature and pressure level the steamer can reach is important, but so is the consistency at which it can keep the pressure. A steam cleaner that cannot maintain the boiler tank temperature and steam pressure level will be less efficient in cleaning your home.

Steam cleaners that operate at higher temperature levels and PSI will cost more. If hotter, dryer steam is your preference, investing in a high-pressure steam cleaner that will last for years to come may make the investment worthwhile in the long run.