oApier Steam Mop Comparison | An Overview and Buying Guide

oapier steam mop

If you’ve considered buying an oApier steam mop you’re probably wondering the differences between the 6 models, and which one is the better buy. Whilst there are many similarities, they are not the same. In our oApier steam mop buying guide, we shall explain their features in detail to help you choose the best one for your household.

Here is a quick table of the different oApier steam mops in this review:

02/17/2024 04:45 pm GMT

oApier S4 Steam Mop

The oApier Steam Mop S4 is a budget priced steam mop for general floor cleaning. It has 2 levels of steam (high and low), making it suitable for use on hard floors such as hardwood, laminate and tile. The steam mop features a flexible swivel head for cleaning hard-to-reach areas like under the tables, corners, etc.

What I like the most about the oApier steam mop S4 is the automatic shut off feature when you stand the steam mop upright, unlike Shark steam mops, the S4 stands up on its own.

Like most steam mops, the water heats to boiling point (212⁰F), the S4 heating within 30 seconds. It is extremely light weight – weighing just 5.15 pounds.

The water reservoir has a capacity of 10.6oz (300ml). You can expect to steam for around 10-15 minutes on the high setting. The water tank can’t be removed from the steamer, but it does come with a handy jug for refilling. You will find one washable microfiber pad included – I’d recommend you buy additional microfiber pads. A 6 pack of replacement pads is around $20.

The only thing the S4 is missing is a carpet glider, however you can buy this separately if needed.

OApier S4 Steam Mop
  • Two steam levels
  • 20ft power cord
  • Ideal for all types of floors
  • Swivel head to enhance flexibility
  • Upright shutdown
  • 1 year warranty
  • Small water tank
  • Only 1 mop pad included
  • Carpet glider sold separately
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oApier S5 Steam Mop

Compared to other Oapier steam mops, the Oapier Steam Mop S5 is the most popular. One of the things people love about it is the super lightweight design that makes it easy to use. It weighs only 3.5 pounds without water.

The S5 has a manual pump that allows you to control the amount of steam being released. This is a great feature for larger areas, the more you push the steam mop back and forth, the more steam will be released. If you have tighter spaces to steam, you may find the steam output lower and be a little frustrated by this style of steamer.

The S5 has a larger 15oz (450ml) water tank than the S4, which also does not remove from the steamer.

The biggest thing to be aware of with the oApier S5 steam mop is the head does not swivel. Unlike the oApier S4 which you can move in all directions, the S5 is best used in a back and forth, up and down motion. There are several consumer complaints about the head snapping off, which would appear they’ve tried to tilt the steamer left and/or right, or twist it around a table or chair leg.

Only one mop pad comes with the S5 as well, so I’d recommend you pick up an extra 6 pack of pads ($20). The reusable pads are fully washable, triple-layered with excellent water absorption. Like the S4, the S5’s carpet slider is sold separately.

The 20ft power cord allows you to move freely when cleaning. It is one of the most cost effective steam mops on the market, making it suitable for those who are on a budget. 

OApier S5 Steam Mop
$12.64 $11.00 ($1.25 / Ounce)
  • 15oz water tank for approx 25 mins of continuous steaming
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Manual pump for controlling steam
  • 20 ft power cord
  • Easy to break if you maneuver it incorrectly
  • Only 1 mop pad included
  • Carpet glider sold separately
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oApier S6 Steam Mop

The oApier S6 is another top-quality model that will give you excellent value for money. One of the major benefits of investing in this steam mop is ability to easily clean grout from a standing position. Simply remove the steam mop head and attached the nylon bristle brush, or grout cleaning tool. It has an ergonomically designed handle, that doesn’t require you to hold in any buttons.

The large water tank holds 16 ounces for up to 30 minutes of steaming. The 23ft power cord is comparable to Bissell, and is 3ft longer than both the S4 and S5 models. The steam mop head is 12 inches x 7 inches, wide enough to clean and sanitize your floors quickly.

It comes with three levels of intelligent steam control which include Low, Medium and High. Through these settings, you can choose the most appropriate according to the type of cleaning tasks you are doing. As always, for delicate flooring such as laminate, use the lowest steam setting. The maximum wattage is 1550 watts.

The unit also has a smart switch that shuts it off automatically when you stand it in an upright position. To activate it again, slant and glide to release steam. It is very easy to use and the steam takes just 30 seconds to get hot. In the box, you will find 1 mop pad, 1 measuring cup and a user manual to get you started. 

You’ll need more than 1 mop pad, so make sure you pick up extras here. Don’t forget your distilled water also, for maximum longevity of your floor steamer.

OApier S6 Plus Steam Mop
  • Grout cleaning attachments
  • Large water tank
  • Auto stop when stood upright
  • 270 degree rotating mop head
  • 3 adjustable steam settings
  • 30 seconds heating time
  • Only 1 mop pad included
  • No carpet glider
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oApier S8 Steam Mop 

oApier S8 Steam Mop is one of the highly-rated steam mops on the market. The first thing you will notice about it is the sturdy and rugged construction which makes it perfect for tough cleaning tasks. It has a square swivel head that can rotate at 360 degrees. This makes the machine suitable to clean corners, narrow surfaces or under furniture. It has a well-designed ergonomic handle which gives you an excellent grip when cleaning.

Like other oApier steam mops, the S8 model creates super-hot stem up to 212⁰F. It is very effective in disinfecting and sanitizing the dirtiest surfaces. Once you connect it to a power source, you just need to wait 20 seconds for the water to heat.

The water reservoir has a capacity of 8.8 ounces (270ml) – smaller than other oApier models on this list, but it is built into the square base, keeping all the weight in the bottom of the steamer. As it is built in to the bottom tank, you need to bring the water to the steamer. oApier include a handy jug for refilling.

It comes with 1 microfiber pad, and one measuring cup plus it has a warranty of 1 year. You can find additional mop pads here for around $20 for a pack of 6.

Weighing just under 6 pounds without water, this isn’t the lightest steam mop compared to the other oApier models. You also cannot stand this steam mop up on its own – you will need to lean the handle against a wall, chair or other structure to stop it falling over.

A carpet glider can also be purchased separately. It’s not the best design however, with a large covered area right in the middle of the glider where you would expect the steam to come out.

OApier S8 Steam Mop
  • Designed to get into corners with ease
  • Ergonomic handle
  • 360-degrees swivel head
  • Heats within 20 seconds
  • Heavier than other models
  • Small water tank than other models
  • Doesn't stand up on its own
  • Carpet glider sold separately
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oApier S12 Steam Mop 

The slim and sleek design of the S12 is appealing to get under low furniture such as couches, hall tables and beds. This is the only oApier steam mop which features controls on the handle – adjust between the 3 levels of steam depending on your cleaning needs.

The S12 stands up on its own, unlike the S8 model, and auto shuts off when stood in the upright position. You can maneuver the head 180 degrees – not as flexible as the s8 model, but at least is goes left and right, unlike the S5.

It’s slightly lower powered than other models, operating at 1150 watts. It weighs just under 5lbs without water, making the S12 easy to push around single handed. The water tank is smaller than other models – holding 6.4 ounces. Like other oApier models, you can’t remove the water tank, however a refill jug is included. Make sure you always use distilled water for longevity of your machine.

The reusable pads feature 3 layers of microfiber, giving you excellent water absorption as well as steam permeation. As with other models, you only get one in the box, so make sure you pick up extras here. Don’t forget your carpet glider too, if you want to refresh your rug. The power cord is 20 feet long and this allows you to clean the whole room without any limitations.

In addition, it comes with a very effective intelligent electric pump for supplying steam consistently when cleaning floors. It takes just 30 seconds for the steam to reach up to 212 ⁰F – but keep in mind it won’t heat up whilst in the upright position, so need to tilt the handle, then wait for it to heat. Not a huge deal, but if you are like me and like to do as much as possible at once, you might find this 30 second wait frustrating!

OApier S12 Steam Mop
  • 3 levels of steam output
  • 180⁰ swivel head
  • Intelligent electric pump for continuous steam
  • 1150 watts power
  • Allows one-hand operation
  • Small water tank
  • Carpet glider sold separately
  • Only 1 mop pad included
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oApier S15 Steam Mop 

If you are searching for a more versatile steam cleaner, the oAapier S15 is it – but with limitations. This multifunction steam mop has a detachable handheld steam cleaner for above floor cleaning.

With 3 levels of steam, you can choose your setting for floor cleaning, or on other surfaces. Finally, oApier have decided to include more than one microfiber pad as standard, giving you 3! That’s where the good stuff ends though.

The floor pad is 8 inches x 6 inches, slightly smaller than the S6 model, but still a decent size. You can use the handheld steamer on upholstery, mattresses, clothing, curtains, benchtops, but not shower screens and windows – there is no squeegee tool!

oApier include a flexible hose with jet nozzle, 2 round nylon brushes and flat triangle shaped tool for upholstery and mattresses. I like the triangle shaped tool and can see many uses for this around the home, however, as a handheld steam cleaner the unit seems rather bulky.

The water tank is middle of the range – 12.15 ounces. Not as big as the S6 model, but not as small as the S8. The entire unit weighs around 7.2lbs without water, making it the heaviest of all oApier steam mops.

The 30 second heat up is similar to other models. As you can stand the S15 up on its own, you’ll need to tilt the machine to start the heating and steaming process.

The 30ft power cord is an absolute bonus, but unfortunately, not enough of a selling point for me. I think you’ll find much better value for money with other multifunction steam mops, including oApier’s sister brand Light n Easy.

This Light and Easy steam mop offers so much more including hotter steam and 8 different attachments. It doesn’t stand up on its own though – be wary of this and don’t let it fall to the floor. Users have had issues with this happening and the head snaps off. It’s also heavier, weighing in at 11.54 pounds.

OApier S15 Steam Cleaner
  • Multifunction steam mop and handheld steam cleaner
  • 3 steam settings
  • 30 second heat up
  • 30ft power cord
  • 3 mop pads included
  • No squeegee tool
  • Bulky handheld steamer
  • Lacks other accessories
  • Smaller mop head than other models
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How to Use oApier Steam Mops

When using your Oapier steam mop, you should follow these steps.

  • Unwrap the cord completely by pulling and twisting the cord holder. 
  • Connect the machine to an electrical power outlet and then switch it on. 
  • Wait for 20-30 seconds for the water to heat up to 212⁰F. If your steam mop has the standby function when upright, you will need to tilt the steam mop to start the heating and steaming process.
  • Some oApier steam mops have multiple steam settings. You should choose according to the type of surface you want to clean. Suggested settings are high for deep cleaning heavy traffic areas and tiled floors, medium for regular cleaning, low for light cleaning duties or delicate surfaces such as hardwood floors.
  • Start moving the appliance slowly across the floor in a back and forth motion. Push gently, otherwise your steam mop pad can fall off – particularly if this is the first time using it – you need to allow the steam to moisten the microfiber pad so it glides smoothly on the floor.
  • Once you are done, switch it off and then unplug it from the power outlet, before allowing to cool.

How to Store oApier Steam Mops after Cleaning

If you want to extend the durability of your Oapier steam mop after cleaning, you should do the following cleaning; 

  • Unplug the cord and place the machine in an upright position. 
  • Leave it for up to 30 minutes to cool. If you have delicate flooring, such as laminate or hardwood – don’t leave the steam mop with the wet pad sitting on the floor, it can cause damage.
  • Remove the microfiber pad carefully from the mop head when cool enough to do so.
  • You generally don’t need to empty the water tank if you use your steam mop regularly. If storing for more than 1-2 weeks, try to empty the tank.
  • Store your steam mop in an upright position, where it is not likely to be knocked over and easily broken.
  • Clean the mop pad using warm water and a liquid detergent then leave it to dry completely. Never use a fabric softener or bleach to clean the mop pad.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

oapier steam mop s5

Are oApier steam mops worth it? 

Any inexpensive steam mop is only worthwhile if you treat it well. oApier steam mops are no exception. For longevity, only use distilled or demineralized water. If you choose a model that doesn’t tilt in a certain direction, don’t force it. The S5 model is the best for those on a budget, the S6 with grout cleaning tools is my top pick of the bunch (also better steam output with 1550 watts of power).

Which is the best oApier steam mop? 

The oApier S5 model is the best for those on a budget, the S6 with grout cleaning tools is my top pick of the bunch. The combination of multiple steam settings and grout cleaning tools backed by 1550 watts of power, make this an excellent all round steam mop for all floor types.

The S8 with the 360 degree swivel handle is great for floor cleaning only, but it only has one steam setting (it’s either on or off). If you like simplicity, you may like this one too. The S12 is one to consider, especially with the steam pump for continuous steam. I worry however, that at 1150 watts, the steam output may be lower than the S6.

Which type of water should I add to oApier steam mops? 

oApier recommend distilled water in their steam mops. This will ensure the best steam output and longevity of your machine. Your can buy distilled water by the gallon at Walmart, hardware stores and on Amazon. It’s a couple of dollars a gallon and far outweighs the cost of replacing your steam cleaner when it stops working due to mineral build up.

Enjoy Your New oApier Steam Mop

oApier steam mops are part of the Light n Easy brand. They are simple to use, and offer excellent value for money. The S5 model is the best selling steam mop from the range, no doubt due to the budget price. If you’re in the market for a new steam mop, the S5 and S6 are two excellent choices, depending on how much you’re willing to spend.

I’ve also suggested a steam mop from Light n Easy above, rather than the S15, so make sure you take a look at that, especially if you like one steam cleaner that you can use for a whole house clean.

If you are on a budget, the S5 is a great choice – but be mindful it is a pump action steam mop, and isn’t ideal for tight spaces, unless you’re willing to stand there and pump it beforehand. The Shark steam mop I have is like this, it’s great on the open floor – not so great when it comes to getting around table legs or anywhere I’m not doing that constant back and forth action.

Don’t forget to also take a look a my list of best steam mops under $100 if you’re looking for an inexpensive steam mop and the S5 isn’t for you.