Dupray Neat vs McCulloch 1385

dupray neat vs mcculloch 1385

When searching for the best canister steam cleaner for around $200, you will likely come across the Dupray Neat and McCulloch 1385. When you look at their features closely, you will realize they are relatively similar machines. However, they differ in some aspects, so you need to understand how each works. 

In this detailed Dupray Neat vs McCulloch 1385 comparison, we’ll help you determine if one steam cleaner is better for your needs.

Dupray Neat vs McCulloch 1385

I’ve compared the Dupray Neat steam cleaner vs McCulloch 1385 side by side below, with recommendations for when one machine may be a better choice over the other for any particular feature. Take a look below:


dupray neat steam cleaner vs mcculloch

One of the major differences between the Dupray Neat and the MC1385 is the design. You will find that the McCulloch 1385 has a more rugged construction than the Dupray Neat Cleaner. Its suitcase-looking design is larger and bulkier than the Dupray. Comparatively, the measurements are: 

Steam CleanerHeightWidthDepth
Dupray Neat9.5 inches10.5 inches10.5 inches
McCulloch MC138519.1 inches13.4 inches13.1 inches

Tank Capacity

Regarding the capacity of the water tank, the MC1385 comes with a 64-ounce water tank that heats water within 12 minutes. It can steam continuously for up to 120 minutes.  As the McCulloch 1385 has variable steam pressure, the run time quoted would be using the lowest steam setting. If using the highest steam setting, expect the MC1385 steamer to run for around 90 minutes.

The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner provides continuous steam for 50 minutes. Its water tank has a capacity of 40 ounces with a heating element that heats water within 8 minutes. Despite this advertised time, some consumers reported needing 10-12 minutes to fully heat the Dupray Neat steamer.

Neither machine has the ability to see how much water is left in the tank when used. This is one of the biggest consumer complaints. Both machines also cannot be refilled, so you must wait around 20 minutes for the machine to cool down before depressurizing and refilling the water. Then, you’ll need to wait for it to heat up again.

Steam CleanerTank CapacityHeat Up TimeRun Time
Dupray Neat40 ounces8 minutes50 minutes
McCulloch MC138564 ounces12 minutesup to 120 minutes

Steam Temperatures

The steam temperatures determine the effectiveness of a steam cleaner when cleaning dirt and killing microorganisms. 

The Dupray Neat has a hotter temperature than McCulloch, with the boiler heating up to 275⁰F. The McCulloch MC1385 heats up to 212⁰F. The Dupray is likely to produce hotter steam output, with less water in the steam. 

Steam CleanerBoiler TemperatureTip Temperature
Dupray Neat275 degrees Fahrenheit (135 Celcius)
McCulloch MC1385212 degrees Fahrenheit

Variable Steam Control

The McCulloch 1385 has a variable steam control, whereas the Dupray Neat does not. If you want to control the steam flow according to your cleaning needs, the McCulloch 1385 is the choice.

The variable steam rate outputs steam between 15 and 31 grams per minute. If you are leaning towards the Dupray brand, look at the next model up – the Dupray Home Steam Cleaner – which offers variable steam control.

Power Cord and Cleaning Reach

The McCulloch MC1385 will reach slightly further than the Dupray Neat. 

When cleaning, you will need a machine with a long power cord that allows you to navigate a wide area. The Dupray Neat cleaner has a 16-foot (5-meter) power cord. It also has a 6-foot and 6-inch steam hose to enhance maneuverability. The total reach is 22 feet and 6 inches.

On the other hand, the McCulloch 1385 has a long 18-foot power cord and a 10-foot insulated hose giving you a 28-foot reach in total. 

Steam CleanerPower Cord LengthSteam Hose Length
Dupray Neat16 foot (5m)6 feet, 6 inches
McCulloch MC138518 foot10 feet


The Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner has small smooth-rolling wheels on the base and a retractable handle to enhance movements. This allows you to move it quickly to different places when cleaning. It is also lightweight since it weighs 9 pounds (without water). The pop-up handle keeps the unit compact but allows you to easily lift and carry the steamer upstairs.

You will find that the MC1385 is slightly heavier than the Dupray Neat since it weighs 13 pounds. However, it also features an integrated handle and large wheels for movement. The vertical design, however, lets the McCulloch down a little. It can be prone to tipping over and won’t roll behind you like a vacuum cleaner. You need to tilt the machine and roll it like a suitcase.

Steam Pressure

Another essential aspect that determines the performance of a steam cleaner is the steam pressure. In this regard, the Dupray Neat Cleaner offers a steam pressure of 50 PSI (3.5 bars), while the Mc1385 provides a more substantial steam pressure of 58 PSI (4 bars). 

As a result, it is more effective in blasting away dirt, dust, grime, and grease. Besides that, it comes with solid utility brushes, which can remove even the toughest grease or grime on BBQ grills, ovens, patios, etc. 

Steam CleanerMax Steam Pressure (PSI)Max Steam Pressure (Bars)
Dupray Neat50 PSI3.5 Bars
McCulloch MC138558 PSI4 Bars

Please remember that this is the maximum steam pressure the cleaner can operate at. How long it maintains this pressure will vary based on the water in the tank, how long you let it heat up, altitude and water hardness. Both steam cleaners may drop in pressure or need to pause slightly while pressure builds back up again.


Most steam cleaners have standard accessories such as scrubbing brushes and a window squeegee.

If you are searching for a model with many accessories, the MC1385 will be a great choice. This is because it comes with 23 accessories, while the Dupray Neat comes with 17 accessories.   

Please note that both brands consider the basic floor tools and extension wands as accessories. I’ve compared the accessories in the table below. McCulloch offers a larger variation of accessories and scrubbing tools in different sizes. While Dupray does not offer this as standard, additional accessories such as stainless steel, horse hair, and large nylon brushes can be purchased separately.

McCulloch also offers onboard storage for accessories, whereas Dupray does not. Let’s compare the Dupray Neat vs McCulloch MC1385 accessories:

AccessoryDupray NeatMcCulloch MC1385
Rectangle Floor ToolYesYes
Triangle Above Floor ToolYesYes
Window SqueegeeYesYes
Scraper ToolNoYes
Steam LanceYes (curved)Yes (straight – separate curved nozzle attachment)
Nylon Round Brushes5 small2 large (2.5″), 2 small (1.5″)
Brass Brush1 small2 small
Round Scrubbing PadNo2 large (2.5″)
Extension Tubes22
Microfiber Cloths/Bonnets52

The target audiences for McCulloch and Dupray are very different. McCulloch targets their steam cleaner towards men and outdoor use, such as car and boat cleaning, grills and BBQs, outdoor pavers and around-the-home use. McCulloch only includes microfiber pads for the floor tool. You will need to purchase additional microfiber cloths for above-floor cleaning.

Dupray targets the Dupray Neat steam cleaner towards indoor use at home. The triangle tool is aimed at cleaning mattresses and upholstery, with a small bonnet and microfiber cloth included as standard. The microfiber cloth can also be wrapped around the floor tool or use the included floor pads. The design of the steam lance is curved, which is beneficial for cleaning under toilet bowl rims.

In comparison, the design of the McCulloch lance is straight, with the slight curve being on the brush accessory rather than the steam nozzle itself. There is a small curved attachment which is included as standard. I’ve demonstrated this in the image below:

dupray vs mcculloch steamers

Comparison of Basic Specifications

SpecificationDupray NeatMcCulloch MC1385
Dimensions10.5 x 10.5 x 9.5 inches 13.1 x 13.35 x 19.05 inches 
Water Tank Capacity40 ounces64 ounces
Power1500 watts1500 watts
Heat Up Time8 minutes +12 minutes +
Cool Down Time for Refilling20 minutes
Pressure GaugeNoYes
Cleaning Time50 minutes90-120 minutes
Variable Steam PressureNoYes
Boiler Temperature275⁰F212⁰F
Warranty2 years (lifetime on boiler)2 years

Descaling and Maintenance

If using tap water in your steam cleaner, you will need to regularly descale it using a solution of 50% water and 50% white vinegar.

Dupray recommends descaling the Neat steam cleaner after every 40 hours of use. If you used the steam cleaner for 4 hours per week, that would be approximately every 10 weeks you would need to descale the boiler.

Comparatively, McCulloch recommends descaling the MC1385 steam cleaner once a month, using a solution of vinegar and water.

You will need to set aside around 1 hour for this process, which includes 40 minutes of soaking the vinegar solution in the boiler.


These machines are among the best steam cleaners for home use. At the time of writing, the McCulloch is slightly more expensive than Dupray. With a larger water tank, more accessories and adjustable steam output, this is to be expected.


Dupray Neat

dupray neat canister steam cleaner
  • Heats above boiling point
  • Very popular brand
  • Small and compact
  • Affordable

McCulloch MC1385

mc1385 mcculloch
  • Great for outdoors and scrubbing
  • Loads of attachments + storage
  • Adjustable steam control
  • Also, a popular brand

Similarities between the Dupray Neat Steamer Vs McCulloch MC1385

Despite the differences, these two machines also have some similarities, which include; 

No chemicals

These two steam cleaners use hot water to kill harmful microorganisms without using chemicals. As a result, they are very safe for homes with kids and pets. Besides that, they are perfect for those who experience different allergic reactions due to chemicals.  


You will find that both the Dupray Neat and the McCulloch 1385 have a 1500 watts heating element that heats water in the water tank. 


There are different types of steam cleaners, but if you are searching for the best canister steam cleaner, you can pick any of the two, especially if you have a smaller budget.  

Affordable price

These two machines are among the best steam cleaners for those searching for cheaper but reliable alternatives. Despite their low price, they will give you exceptional cleaning performance.  

Warranty and After-Sales Support

When buying a steam cleaner, even when you are on a budget, it is crucial you check the warranty. These two steamers come with a 2-year warranty. They also come from reputable brands. 

If you are in Canada, Dupray is the better choice, offering much better after-sales support with a head office in Montreal. McCulloch is not supported in Canada, and you must send the machine back to the USA for any repairs under warranty at your expense.

If you are in the UK, both Dupray and McCulloch are supported. Dupray is not available in Australia at the time of writing, whereas selected models of the McCulloch steamers are. This includes the MC1385 steam cleaner, which I have purchased. You can read my MC1385 review here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most asked questions about the Dupray Neat Steam Cleaner and the McCulloch MC1385.

Where is Dupray Neat made?

Dupray advise that all of their accessories are made in Italy, however, do not publicly disclose either via their website or user manual where the Dupray Neat steam cleaner is manufactured.

Where are McCulloch Steam Cleaners Manufactured?

McCulloch steam cleaners are manufactured in China.

Can You Put Vinegar in a McCulloch Steamer?

For steam cleaning, you need distilled water only in the McCulloch steamer. For descaling mineral buildup from tap water, use a solution of 50% vinegar mixed with 50% water and let sit in the boiler for up to 40 minutes. Empty the boiler and rinse well. Refill with clean tap water after this for steam cleaning. It is not necessary to run the steamer with vinegar inside.

How Much Water Does a Dupray Steam Cleaner Need?

The Dupray Neat steam cleaner holds a maximum of 40 ounces of water. You can use tap water, but using demineralized water will prevent mineral buildup caused by tap water and prolong the life of the steam cleaner.

Dupray vs McCulloch – Which One is Best?

Choosing between Dupray Neat and McCulloch 1385 can be challenging since the two machines have similar features.

If you are looking for a low-maintenance steam cleaner, with a higher than standard boiler temperature, for mostly indoor use, the Dupray Neat is an excellent choice.

If you are looking for a rugged steam cleaner that can be used outdoors for longer periods of time, the McCulloch is the better choice.

If you are on the fence, read our individual reviews of each steam cleaner for more information:

Both models are extremely popular steam cleaners. I really like that Dupray offers a lifetime warranty on the boiler tank. The added accessories and lower cost of replacement accessories are pros of the McCulloch steam cleaner. There really is no clear winner when it comes to comparing McCulloch vs Dupray. It will come down to personal preference based on your individual needs. I hope I’ve helped you choose between the two in this comparison guide.