Best Mop for Concrete Floors in 2023

best mop for concrete floors

Concrete floors are super strong and can handle a lot. They work great inside and outside, and the best part is they don’t stain easily, which means they’re not a lot of trouble to keep clean.

If you want your concrete floors to look their best you need the right cleaning tool. I have put together a list of the best mops for concrete floors. And to make things easy for you, I’ve even sorted them into different categories. So, get ready to find the best mop for concrete floors:

Best Mop for Polished Concrete Floors

colored polished concrete floor

I’m a huge advocate for steam mops and steam cleaners, they’re not always the best choice for cleaning polished concrete. Here are some other excellent choices that will keep your floors shiny and clean:

18” Professional Microfiber Mop Floor Mop

This mop is designed for wet or dry mopping and it works perfectly on all types of floors including polished concrete.  It has an adjustable stainless steel handle and reusable microfiber mop pads.  The 360 degrees swivel head allows you to clean tight spaces and under low line furniture easily.  The mop comes with everything you would require for removing pet hairs, debris, and tough dirt from concrete floors.

18 inch Professional Mop Kit
  • Includes two mop heads for wet or dry mopping
  • Swivels a full 360 degrees for easy access under furniture and into tight spaces
  • Stainless steel handle for durability
  • Best for smooth floors such as polished concrete, tile, hardwood, laminate, or vinyl
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O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop

One of the major benefits you will enjoy when using this mop is the outstanding bucket design which has an inbuilt wringer to make your work easier. The mop is very effective in removing all forms of dirt from polished concrete floors. 

The microfiber mop head can be machine washed and reused. With a patented triangle, it’s effective at getting right into corners, then along baseboards. You can extend the telescopic handle up to 48 inches.

O-Cedar Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket
  • Microfiber mop for wet and dry mopping
  • Easy wring bucket, so you don't need to touch the mop with your hands
  • Extendable handle to 48 inches
  • Includes extra mop head refills
  • 360 degree rotation and triangle shaped head to get into corners and under furniture
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MASTERTOP Two-Sided Dust Mop Floor Cleaning

Enjoy a more effective and efficient cleaning experience with this dual-sided mop that effortlessly transitions from chenille pad to microfiber pad, fits perfectly around furniture, and cuts your cleaning time in half.

The highly absorbent chenille pad picks up and traps dust, dirt, and pet hair, while the microfiber pad attracts dust for a quicker dry, making it ideal for all hard floor types, including concrete.

Lightweight and sturdy, this mop comes with 4 refill pads that are simple to install and remove, and even easier to wash – reusable design means savings for you and less waste for the environment.

Mastertop Double Sided Microfiber Mop
  • 16.8 inch wide double sided chenille mop head for dusting and cleaning
  • Use on hard flooring such as polished concrete, timber, laminate, and tile
  • Includes four machine washable refills
  • Rotates 360 degrees to reach under furniture
  • 3 piece screw together handle
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Best Mop for Rough Concrete Floors

rough concrete floor

Traditional mops don’t work too well on rough concrete floors, particularly microfiber.

Quickie Rough Surface Palmyra Scrub Brush

This affordable brush fits onto any standard handle, and makes light work of cleaning rough concrete surfaces.

The bristles are made from coarse palmyra fibers – a type of natural fiber derived from the Palmyra palm tree, which is native to India. They are very stiff and strong, and resistant to heat, alkalis, and most solvents.

These qualities make them suitable for use in various industrial applications, especially for the manufacturing of brushes and brooms. Since they’re firm and abrasive, they are excellent for heavy-duty scrubbing or cleaning tasks, such as street sweeping or scrubbing hard surfaces.

Quickie Rough Surface Palmyra Scrub Brush
  • This inexpensive scrubbing brush makes quick work of cleaning rough concrete.
  • It fits on any standard threaded handle, so if you already have a threaded broom at home, simply switch over - no need to buy a separate handle
  • Measures 9 inches x 2.5 inches
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Yocada Looped End String Wet Mop

This industrial-grade wet floor mop set is the perfect solution for both commercial and home cleaning tasks. It comes with an adjustable telescopic iron handle, ranging from 44.5″ to 55.1″, and a highly absorbent cotton mop head with looped ends to prevent fraying.

As a heavy duty mop, it is capable of removing four times more dirt than traditional cotton mops. It includes a durable iron handle with a jaw clamp for reliable and versatile cleaning across all types of surfaces.

Yocada Looped-End String Heavy Duty String Mop
  • Industrial-grade mop set perfect for both commercial and home cleaning tasks with its robust build.
  • Adjustable telescopic handle from 44.5" to 55.1" to suit your comfort.
  • Highly absorbent cotton mop head provides optimal absorption and prevents fraying.
  • Durable iron handle with a jaw clamp.
  • Perfect for cleaning all surface areas, including garages, warehouses, offices, decks, etc.
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Best Mop for Painted Concrete Floors

yellow painted concrete floor

VENETIO iMop Microfiber Spin Mop and Bucket Set

If you are looking for the best mop for a concrete basement floor, this model will be a great choice.  It has a dual chamber that separates stubborn hairs and debris from the clean water. It also features an inbuilt scrub brush that lets you clean the mop pad without using your hands.  The hand-activated spinning makes your work easier when wringing or removing excess water from the mop pad. You need to unlock the gray latch and then plunge the hand up and down when you intend to activate the wringer. The compact and lightweight design suits those with limited storage space.

MR. SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop Pad

Here is another top-quality mop that will give you amazing results when cleaning stained concrete floors. The 360 degrees swivel head lets you mop easily around the furniture, stairs or other hard-to-reach areas. 

It also features a wide 15”x 5” mop pad, enabling it to cover a large surface area.  Additionally, the double lock telescopic system enables you to adjust the handle meaning that you don’t need to bend when cleaning. It also comes with extra mop pads, which you can easily pop in the washing machine after using.

MR.SIGA Professional Microfiber Mop
$23.99 $13.18
  • Built with sturdy materials, this mop comes with 3 reusable microfiber cloths and a dirt removal scrubber.
  • With a 360-degree swivel head, it easily maneuvers around obstacles for flexible cleaning, while its wide surface mop pad ensures fast and efficient cleaning.
  • The stainless steel handle's double lock telescopic system can be adjusted to any length, providing a comfortable hold for anyone, and eliminating the need to bend while cleaning.
  • The dual-sided, machine-washable microfiber pad effectively attracts fine dust and absorbs water, leaving your floors clean without any streaks or lint, while also being reusable to reduce waste.
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Best Mop for Stained Concrete Floors

Stained concrete refers to a process where color is applied and absorbed into the surface of a concrete floor to create a rich, permanent hue. This process can provide an array of colors and effects, from translucent variegations to opaque, monochrome finishes.

Staining can be an excellent choice for enhancing bare concrete floors in both residential and commercial settings, given its durability and aesthetic flexibility. It’s frequently seen in restaurants, showrooms, homes, patios, and other areas where a robust and attractive floor surface is desired.

Stained concrete can be categorized into two types:

  1. Acid Stains: Acid-based stains react chemically with the concrete to change its color and create unique, marbled effects.
  2. Water-based Stains: These are non-reactive and create a more uniform and consistent color effect. They are typically easier to apply and offer a wider range of colors.

The final outcome of stained concrete can be unpredictable due to variations in the concrete’s composition and age, and the specific techniques used in the staining process. The result is often a one-of-a-kind floor that adds character to any space.

When it comes to cleaning stained concrete floors, you need a gentle approach and a pH neutral cleaner. Here are some recommendations:

Libman Tornado Spin Mop System Plus 1 Refill Head

If you are searching for the best mop for stained concrete floors, consider the Libman.  The Spin Technology makes your work easier since it enables it to spin away excess water even without your effort. 

The mop head is very thick and this makes it more effective for removing stuck dirt, grime or other messes.  It comes with the bucket that holds up to 2 gallons of water. I particularly like the bucket handle design for better bucket stability.

Libman Tornado Spin Mop System
  • All-in-One System for easy and clean floor mopping.
  • Equipped with 2 microfiber mop heads for quick replacement, allowing you always to have a clean mop ready for action.
  • Easily control mop head dampness with the spin chamber - the more force you apply, the drier the mop head.
  • Improved Mop Bucket - the front-to-back handle allows for a more stable bucket and prevents water sloshing when carrying.
  • The mop head can be easily cleaned by hand or machine in warm, soapy water and laid flat to dry for convenience and durability.
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MEXERRIS Microfiber Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning

The MEXERIS Microfiber Spray Mop is a wet and dry mop for stained concrete, wooden, hardwood, vinyl, laminate, stone, tiles and other types of floors.  The 360 degrees rotating mop head allows you to clean all parts of the floor, including corners and unreachable parts. 

The microfiber mop pad is made of top-quality materials, and this makes it effective in absorbing even the smallest dirt.  It has 3 washable microfiber pads with excellent water absorption capabilities and balanced friction. The TPR scrubber enables handling hairs, sticky messes, and tough stains.

Microfiber Spray Mop for Floor Cleaning
  • Efficient and Fun Cleaning: Leave the heavy, messy bucket behind with this refillable 410ML spray mop.
  • Use as both a wet and dry mop; suitable for various floor types such as wooden, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, cement, tile, laminate, stone, and concrete.
  • Built with durable aluminum parts for reliability.
  • Extendable pole to spare your back and a 360-degree rotating mop head to easily reach every corner of your house.
  • Comes with 3 washable and reusable microfiber mop pads

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Best Dust Mop for Concrete Floors

Dust mopping concrete floors is an essential part of maintaining these surfaces for several reasons:

  1. Removing Dust and Debris: Concrete floors can accumulate dust and small debris particles that, if not regularly removed, can scratch or damage the surface of the floor. This can diminish the appearance of your concrete over time.
  2. Preventing Damage: Dust and grit act like sandpaper on your concrete floor. Walking or moving furniture over a dusty floor can grind the debris into the concrete, leading to unnecessary wear and tear.
  3. Prevent Health Problems: Dust can become airborne with foot traffic and the movement of air. This can lead to respiratory issues for those in the environment, especially for individuals with allergies or asthma.
  4. Preparation for Further Cleaning: Dust mopping is generally the first step in the cleaning process. It preps the floor for wet mopping or deeper cleaning, ensuring that you’re not just moving dirt around.
  5. Maintains Appearance: Regularly dust mopping helps to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your floor by keeping it clean and looking its best.

Here are some excellent dust mops for concrete floors:

OFO 43-Inch Industrial Commercial Dust

This mop has a 43-inch wide head, enabling it to cover a larger surface area. It also has a thick plastic material that allows you to lock or unlock the mop head. Once you unlock it, it is easier to maneuver in different directions when cleaning.  Additionally, it has excellent water absorption since it is made of quality material. You can use it for commercial or industrial applications such as cleaning shopping malls, banks, hotels, hospitals, parking lots, offices, or any other place where you need a large dust mop for concrete floors.

OFO 43inch Industrial Commercial Dust Mop
$10.82 $4.54 ($2.27 / Ounce)
  • This dual-function wet and dry mop is ideal for large concrete areas in various settings like factories, offices, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, banks, and parking lots.
  • Made from high-quality material that absorbs water easily
  • 48-inch mop head for wide surface coverage.
  • Lockable mop head for fixed direction cleaning, or unlock for swivel-style maneuverability.
  • High-quality, thicker steel clamper connecting the handle and the mop head, ensuring long-lasting use.
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Alpine Industries Heavy-Duty Microfiber Mop

The Alpine Industries Heavy-Duty Mop is designed with an absorbent microfiber that works well for both dry sweeping and damp mopping. Because the microfiber is made from high-quality material, it can absorb a lot of water, yet you can clean without needing to wring out extra liquid. This mop is available in various sizes, like 24 inches and 48 inches, which makes it perfect for cleaning large and wide spaces. Its telescopic design helps you clean easily, even in the trickiest areas.

Alpine 24-48" Commercial Dry Mop Floor Set
  • This wide mop set has a sturdy, telescopic handle that allows easy and quick cleaning of large areas, saving you time and effort.
  • Available in two sizes - 24 inch or 48 inch
  • Made from premium looped microfiber, the mop is perfect for damp mopping and dry sweeping.

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Best Mop Solution for Concrete Floors

The pH level of a cleaner plays a significant role in preserving the integrity and appearance of both sealed and unsealed concrete floors. Here’s why a pH-neutral cleaner is crucial:

  1. Preserving the Concrete: Concrete is naturally alkaline with a pH typically above 9. Using a cleaner that is either too acidic or too alkaline can react with the concrete and cause it to deteriorate or discolor over time.
  2. Protecting the Sealant: For sealed floors, a non-neutral pH cleaner can eat away at the sealant, damaging the protective layer and exposing the concrete underneath to potential damage.
  3. Avoiding Discoloration: Acidic or highly alkaline cleaners can lead to discoloration of the concrete, affecting the aesthetic appeal of the floor.
  4. Preventing Chemical Reaction: A cleaner with a pH that’s not neutral can react with the elements in the concrete, potentially causing efflorescence (a crystalline deposit of salts often seen as a white, powdery substance on the surface of the concrete).
  5. Safety: pH neutral cleaners are generally safer to use and are less likely to cause harm to humans, pets, or the environment.

So, using a pH-neutral cleaner helps to ensure the longevity and appearance of both sealed and unsealed concrete floors, while also being a safer choice. Here are some options:

Best for Sealed Concrete Floors

OdeBan Professional Series is made using a naturally derived surfactant method that effectively cleans sealed concrete floors.  You don’t need to rinse it off, and with a light minty lavendar scent, it effectively banishes odors.

OdoBan Professional Series Neutral pH Floor Cleaner Concentrate
  • Neutral pH Floor Cleaner formulated with a naturally derived surfactant system that effectively cleans sealed concrete.
  • Makes up to 128 gallons of floor cleaner.
  • Can use with a mop or automatic floor scrubber.
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Best for Oil and Grease Stains on Concrete

Whether searching for the best cleaning solution for floors, engines, automobile wheels, exhausts, boats, patios, grills, kitchens, driveways, or any other dirty surface, the Oil Eater Original will give you fantastic results.  It is made of biodegradable formula without any harsh solvents.

Oil Eater Original 1 Gallon Cleaner & Degreaser
  • Dissolves grease, oil and dirt
  • Can be used in food service facilities
  • Biodegradable formula
  • Great for driveways, patios, and floors

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Best Professional Grade No Rinse Formula

This floor cleaner is ideal for polished concrete, vinyl, granite, marble, and stone floors. It is very effective in restoring the shine on any floor. Since it is neutral, it doesn’t damage the floor like acidic or alkaline cleaners.

Zep Neutral pH Industrial Floor Cleaner
$19.99 $14.99 ($7.50 / Count)
  • Neutral pH formula maintains polish and won't strip protective floor coatings
  • Suitable for sealed concrete floors and marble, granite, and natural stone flooring
  • No rinse formula

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Best Plant Based Enzyme Cleaner for Concrete

One of the major reasons you should consider this cleaning solution is that it is made of powerful plant-based enzymes. These enzymes enable it to break down tough dirt and stains from the floor or carpets. It has no artificial fragrances or dyes, making it safe for cleaning on most surfaces.

Naturally It’s Clean Enzymatic Heavy Duty Cleaner
  • The plant-based enzyme formula of this cleaner is highly effective for removing oil, grease, and wildlife waste, making it ideal for cleaning concrete surfaces, which often accumulate these substances.
  • This cleaner not only cleans concrete but is also recommended for various other surfaces, making it a versatile cleaning solution for different areas in your house, garage, or patio.
  • With pH-neutral, biodegradable plant-based enzymes, the cleaner is non-caustic and free of harsh chemicals, ensuring that your concrete surfaces are cleaned safely without causing any environmental harm.
  • Each 2-pack case can make up to 32 gallons of cleaner, providing an economical solution for your cleaning needs.
  • The product is manufactured in the USA and comes with the Naturally It's Clean guarantee, assuring you of its quality and efficacy.
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Best for Polished Concrete and Natural Stone Surfaces

The Black Diamond Stoneworks is specially formulated to clean hard surfaces such as polished concrete, limestone, marble, slate, or porous natural stone.  It is neutral and biodegradable, meaning it is safe for homes with kids or pets.  It lifts off the dirt from the surface without damaging the floor or affecting the natural stone color.

Black Diamond Stoneworks
$13.98 $9.99
  • Specifically formulated for cleaning limestone, travertine, marble, slate, porous natural stone surfaces, and polished concrete, ensuring safe and effective cleaning tailored to these specific materials.
  • Regular use of Stone Wash not only cleans but enhances the stone's natural beauty, making colors more vivid and the stone's character more pronounced.
  • Safe around pets and children, making it a reliable choice for family environments.
  • The no-rinse formula lifts dirt effortlessly from polished concrete and natural stone without damaging the surface or diminishing the stone color.
  • Part of the Black Diamond STONEWORKS line, a premium range of natural stone cleaners and sealers, ensuring high-quality performance.
  • Made in the USA
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Best All Round Cleaner (including Concrete)

If you are looking for a high-performance cleaning solution that can remove even the toughest forms of dirt, the GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner might be what you need.  You can use it to remove tough messes such as grease, grime, or stains from all types of floors.

GP66 Green Miracle Cleaner
  • GP66 deeply penetrates and emulsifies tough stains on concrete for a thorough clean.
  • The super-concentrated formula offers potent cleaning power, making it cost-effective.
  • It's a versatile cleaner, equally effective on brick and grout.
  • Originally developed for industrial use, it brings robust cleaning power to your home.
  • Made in America and NSF-approved, it's a safe and ethical choice for your cleaning needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

mopping textured concrete floor

Do steam mops work on concrete floors?

Steam mops can clean well, but they might dull polished concrete floors due to their high heat. If using one on such a floor, select the lowest setting designed for sensitive surfaces.

How do you mop a concrete floor?

Mopping a concrete floor involves a few steps. Here’s a simple guide:
Sweep or Vacuum: Start by removing any loose dirt and debris from the floor. You can use a broom or a vacuum cleaner for this. Ensure you reach into corners and any hard-to-reach areas.
Prepare Your Cleaning Solution: You can use a commercial concrete cleaner or make a simple solution at home. A common homemade solution is a mix of a gallon of warm water with 1/4 cup of mild dish soap.
Mop the Floor: Dip your mop into the cleaning solution and wring out excess liquid so the mop is damp but not soaking. Mop the floor in sections, going over each section several times. Make sure to rinse the mop frequently in your cleaning solution to avoid spreading dirt around.
Rinse: Once you’ve mopped the entire floor, you may need to rinse it, especially if your floor is indoors. Fill a bucket with clean warm water. Rinse the mop and wring out excess water. Mop the floor with clean water to remove soap residue.
Dry the Floor: After mopping, allow the floor to air dry. For quicker drying, you can use a towel or a dry mop to absorb excess water. Make sure the floor is completely dry to prevent slipping.
Seal the Floor: If your concrete floor is not sealed, consider applying a concrete sealer. This can protect it from stains and make future cleaning easier.

Final Verdict

The search for the best mop for concrete floors greatly depends on the specific type of finish. Mops are tailored for different surfaces, ranging from rough to polished, painted, stained, or unsealed concrete.

I’ve simplified this process by providing a curated list of the best models for each category, aiming to give you the best value for your investment.

Each product has been scrutinized considering aspects like features, price, and customer reviews, ensuring that our recommendations excel in their respective categories.


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