GE Profile Steam Closet

ge profile steam closet with fabric refresh

Steam closets represent a significant innovation in home laundry care, offering a convenient and efficient way to refresh, sanitize, and care for clothes. Leading brands like LG, and Samsung have dominated the market with their versions of steam closets, each with unique features and capabilities.

But in 2024, there’s a new player in town. The GE Profile Steam Closet. In an age where technology continually reshapes our daily lives, GE hopes to give LG and Samsung a run for their money.

Overview of the GE Profile Steam Closet

GE profile steam closet

The GE Profile Steam Closet marks a significant leap forward in at-home clothes care. Unveiled as a pioneering solution, this appliance is designed to deodorize, steam, and sanitize clothing using the gentle yet effective power of steam.

Far surpassing the capabilities of traditional laundry appliances like washing machines and clothes dryers, the Steam Closet caters to a variety of fabrics and items, including those not typically suited for regular washing. It is due to be released to the US market in June 2024.

Constructed with a keen eye for detail, the Steam Closet’s design is both sleek and functional. Its mirrored carbon finish allows it to blend seamlessly into various home settings, from mudrooms to walk-in closets.

Plug it in to a standard 120V outlet, this steam closet requires no plumbing or electrical installation.

Innovative Technology and User Convenience

At the heart of the GE Profile Steam Closet is its advanced steam technology. This innovative system carefully controls steam distribution, ensuring effective and uniform treatment of every item. The steam penetrates deep into fabrics, relaxing fibers, and removing odors and wrinkles, all while maintaining the integrity of the material.

The Steam Closet’s compact and flexible design allows it to fit into various spaces around the home. This adaptability not only caters to different home layouts but also signifies a shift in how laundry appliances integrate into modern living spaces, moving beyond the traditional confines of a laundry room.

Benefits of Using a Steam Closet

The GE Profile Steam Closet is an efficient solution for refreshing clothes without a complete wash cycle. This feature is beneficial for delicate or high-maintenance garments like embellished jeans, wool coats, cashmere scarves to name a few.

A steam closet is also brilliant for those who live in wet and cold areas, who may wear a rain jacket, puffer jackets or coats. While you can machine wash a puffer jacket, I’ve had one catch on something and rip apart and it was a nightmare of fluff in my washing machine! And, it ruined my jacket.

Where steam closets excel is their ability to sanitize items. If you’ve ever worn a heavy coat which has got wet in the rain and hasn’t quite dried, you’ll also appreciate the steaming, drying and sanitizing capabilities of a steam closet. No more musty smells – put your coat in, turn it on, and it’s dry and odor free for the next wear.

Having the capability to sanitize small, non-washable items such as stuffed toys adds an invaluable layer of hygiene to home care. The closet’s gentle steaming process ensures thorough sanitization without the risk of damage to the items.

The convenience of in-home pressing and steaming also reduces the need for professional dry-cleaning services, however, I use the term “pressing” loosely here. The pants press helps maintain creases, but if you require an immaculately ironed dress shirt or blouse, a steam closet is not for you.

The hangers move back and forth to shake the items to help remove wrinkles. Perfect pressing is not yet a capability of a steam closet, you’d be better off investing in a steam press instead.

Comparison Against LG Styler and Samsung Airdresser

GE LG and Samsung steam closets

At face value, I really don’t see any difference, or improvement in the GE Profile Steam Closet over the LG Styler or Samsung Airdresser.

There are three hanging spaces inside the GE Steam Closet, a rack for soft toys and delicate fabrics, and a pants press.

At an entry level price of $1499 (USD), it is cheaper than the Samsung Airdresser 18 inch model (that also hangs 3 garments).

At the time of writing, you can get the LG Styler base model (without the pants press) for well under $1000, and the next model with the pants press for less than the RRP of the GE Steam Closet.

Granted, the LG Styler with mirror finish I’ve mentioned above has a RRP of $1699, so GE may be looking to target the budget conscious buyer with this new release steam closet.

About GE Appliances

In 2016, Haier Group Corporation, a Chinese multinational conglomerate, acquired GE Appliances for $5.6 billion. This acquisition is a significant move in the global home appliances market.

The merger combines GE Appliances’ long-standing reputation for quality and innovation with Haier’s expansive global market presence. This strategic alliance aims to leverage both companies’ strengths to enhance product development and market reach.

The acquisition of GE Appliances by Haier marks a pivotal development in the home appliances industry, blending innovation with global market expansion. The GE Profile Steam Closet, a product of this collaboration, stands as a testament to their commitment to revolutionizing garment care.

For professionals in the styling industry, this technology presents an opportunity to enhance efficiency and sustainability in garment maintenance. This innovative approach to clothing care aligns with the evolving needs of personal stylists and their clients, emphasizing quality, convenience, and environmental responsibility.

Steam Closets vs Traditional Laundering

The GE Profile Steam Closet stands in stark contrast to traditional laundry methods. Traditional washing and drying can be harsh on certain fabrics, leading to wear and tear over time. The Steam Closet, on the other hand, employs a gentle steaming process that is kinder to clothes, thus preserving their quality and appearance. This is particularly advantageous for high-end garments and delicate fabrics, which often require special care.

Compared to professional dry-cleaning services, the Steam Closet offers a more economical and environmentally friendly alternative. It eliminates the frequent trips to dry cleaners and the associated costs, while also reducing the reliance on chemical-based cleaning processes. This shift not only benefits the user’s pocket but also contributes to a more sustainable approach to garment care.

Future of Laundry Technology

The GE Profile Steam Closet epitomizes a trend towards more personalized and convenient solutions in home appliance design. The integration of advanced technology in everyday household items is set to redefine our approach to domestic chores, making them more efficient, eco-friendly, and tailored to individual needs.

This steam closet is not just a standalone product but a part of a broader movement towards smart home ecosystems. As technology continues to evolve, we can expect to see more interconnected devices that offer seamless, intuitive experiences and a higher degree of control over our home environments.

Steam closets promise to transform our approach to garment care and home management. I’m hoping new brands jumping on the steam closet trend will set a new benchmark in the realm of laundry appliances. I’m yet to see this from GE, but I’ll keep this post updated with what new information I obtain.