Bissell Steam Mop Select Review

bissell steam mop select

The Bissell Steam Mop Select (model number 94E9T) is a budget priced steam mop for home use. Its affordable price, lightweight design, easy-to-use controls, and excellent performance make it worth considering for purchase, especially if you are looking for a quality brand under $100.

This review will cover everything you need to know about the Bissell Steam Mop Select, including what it can do, its pros and cons, how it compares with other steam mops on the market – and most importantly: whether or not it’s worth buying!

Product Overview

The Bissell Steam Mop Select is designed to clean floors quickly and easily. The machine heats up in less than 30 seconds, allowing you to get started right away. To use the steam mop, simply fill it with distilled water, plug it into an outlet, and then push it back and forwards to clean your floor.

You’ll notice that the unit includes a triangular mop head, which is a good design for getting into corners and around the legs of tables and chairs. The microfiber mop pad is pre-treated with microban and holds dirt and debris well. The gray scrubby pads help with stuck on messes.

At just 7 pounds, the Bissell steam mop select is one of the lightest available today. It also stands up on its own, very handy for when you need to refill the water, or change the power outlet.

Key Features of the Bissell Steam Mop Select

Water Tank & Steam Control

The water tank of this steamer is removable and holds 17 ounces of water, making it easy to refill. The tank is also made of see-through blue plastic, making it easy to monitor the water level and know when to refill. Bissell recommends using distilled or demineralized water instead of tap water in the tank.

There is also a steam on-demand trigger on the steamer that releases pressurized steam when needed. The indicator light will glow when the Steam Mop Select is plugged in, and this light can help determine whether or not the unit is ready to produce steam.

The Bissell steam mop select operates at 1500 watts of power that is hot enough to tackle everyday messes. As a base model Bissell there are no steam settings, it is either on or off. It is designed to clean tile, linoleum, sealed hardwood, and may be used with care on some laminate and vinyl floors. It can’t deep clean carpet or other types of flooring.

Mop Head Shape and 2 Microfiber Pads

The mop head is triangular and makes it easy to maneuver around tight spaces and corners. The mop head also has nine steam vents along the bottom’s perimeter that help direct the steam towards the floor and allow it to pass through the microfiber pad.

The mop head swivels at the base; this makes it easy to move the mop in any direction and also means that you don’t have to lift the entire unit when switching from one side of the room to the other. The mop head is 11.7 inches wide at the base of the triangle.

The two included microfiber pads are also machine-washable. The white microfiber pad is for everyday use, and the gray scrubbing strip pad can be used when you have more stubborn messes to tackle. The scrubbing stripes on the gray pad are textured with raised rubber nubs. These nubs help to agitate the mess and loosen dirt and debris, making it easier for the steam to remove them from the surface.

There have been some complaints that the scrubby pads tend to grip the floor more than the standard microfiber pads. Ensure the pad is wet enough and this shouldn’t be an issue.

Dimensions & Storage

The Bissell Steam Mop Select measures 45.25 inches in height, 13.40 inches in width, and is approximately 7-inches in depth from the tip of the mop head to the back. The unit can be stored vertically, which helps save space.

The product weighs only 7 pounds when empty, making it easy to carry from one room to the next. The cord length is 18 feet, which is a bit short, but it does have a wrap-around storage feature that keeps the cord tidy and out of the way when not in use. The product also has a two-prong, polarized plug which helps reduce the risk of electrical shock.

Drawbacks of the Bissell Steam Mop Select

  • The Bissell Steam Mop Select doesn’t have a long power cord, and this can be an issue if you have a lot of floors to cover, as you’ll have to keep unplugging and re-plugging the unit into different outlets.
  • The unit also doesn’t have any carpet gliders for refreshing your carpets, and it doesn’t have a cooling tray to sit the mop on when you’re finished using it.
  • The steamer is not designed for hard water, you need to use distilled or demineralized water instead.
  • The Steam Mop does not include any extra tools or accessories. This means that the two microfiber pads are all you have to get started, but they do a good job removing dirt and debris from multiple hard floors.
  • The unit also could not remove dirt and debris from vertical surfaces like windows.
  • You have to hold your finger down on the steam trigger occasionally to trigger the steam, at a maximum of 20 seconds at a time.

Bissell PowerFresh 1940 vs Steam Mop Select

Bissell Powerfresh 1940 has many more features than the steam mop select, hence the higher price tag. Both offer steam mopping capabilities backed by 1500 watts of power. The main differences between the two models are:

  • Power Cord: The Powerfresh has a 23ft cord vs 18ft on the Steam Mop Select.
  • Fragrance Discs: The Powerfresh comes with fragrance discs, the Steam Mop Select has no capacity to hold the discs.
  • Steam Control: There are 3 steam settings on the Powerfresh – no steam variances for the Steam Mop Select.
  • Warranty: Powerfresh has a 2 year warranty, Steam Mop Select has a 1 year warranty.

If you are looking for a product with additional features and a better warranty, then Powerfresh is the one to go for. It has all the necessary features to make your daily cleaning easier and faster. But if you do not need any of these three additional features, Select Steam Mop 94E9T is also a good choice.

How to use the Bissell Steam Mop Select

  1. Fill the water tank with distilled/demineralized water.
  2. Insert a microfiber pad onto the bottom of the unit. Ensure that it is securely attached by locking it into place on the plastic plate.
  3. Plugin your steam mop to allow it to heat up for 30 seconds.
  4. Press the steam on demand trigger to emit steam as needed.
  5. Start cleaning by slowly passing over the floor while pressing the ondemand trigger to emit steam.
  6. To sanitize, place the mop head over the spot for about 15-20 seconds using continuous steam (note: only do this on tile flooring, it may damage other floor types).
  7. When you have finished empty any remaining water from the steam mop tank and allow the unit to cool down.
  8. Once the unit is cooled, unplug it and detach the microfiber pad from the bottom of the unit. The mop pads can be machine washed and line dried. Avoid using fabric softener when washing.
  9. Finally, wrap the power cord around quick release cord wrap and store the unit upright in a protected, dry area.

Can I Use Tap Water In My Bissell Steam Mop?

Bissell recommend using only distilled or demineralized water in their steam mops. If you choose to use tap water, it may cause damage to the unit and void the warranty.

Can You Put Disinfectant In A Bissell Steam Mop?

You should not put any disinfectant in the water tank because it may also cause damage to the unit or void your warranty.

According to the CDC, adding disinfectant to a steam cleaner water tank may “compromise the chemical bond and integrity of the disinfectant’s active ingredient from being exposed to high temperature above its boiling point.”

Along with the potential to cause damage to the steam cleaner, it may also be unsafe to you, the user, to inhale these chemicals through steam.

Where to Buy the Bissell Steam Mop Select

You can buy the steam mop select directly from Bissell in the US.

In Canada, take a look at the Bissell Poweredge Lift Off on Amazon which is a similar design with the triangle mop head, and as a bonus, has a removable handheld steamer. At the time of writing is was also under CAD$100, making this one of the more affordable steam mops.

In the UK, a comparable machine is the Russell Hobbs Steam and Clean. It is also under 50 Pounds.

In Australia, the Bissell Steam Mop Select is available direct from Bissell, who also offer free delivery.

Troubleshooting Your Bissell Steam Select

The biggest problem you are likely to run into with the steam select mop is it stops producing steam. This could be for three reasons:

  • It needs refilling with water
  • The machine needs descaling
  • There is a problem with the heating element in the steam mop

As mentioned above, Bissell recommend the use of distilled or demineralized water in their steamers and floor cleaners. Failing to use distilled water can cause mineral build up in the unit and poor or no steam output. If this happens, follow our guide to descaling your steam cleaner.

If you find your Bissell steam mop select is leaving too much water on the floor, it could be because the steam trigger is being held down too long. You only need to hold down the trigger of the steam mop when sanitizing an area (15-20 seconds), an occasionally during use. Bissell advise not to hold down the trigger for any longer than 20 seconds.

If you are having a problem we have not covered, please reach out to Bissell. In the USA, phone 1-800-237-7691 to speak with Bissell customer service.


The Bissell Steam Mop Select is an excellent option as a hard floor cleaner if you don’t want to spend a lot of money.

For those who need something more heavy-duty or are looking for a machine that can handle carpets and other surfaces, check out some of the other Bissell floor cleaners.

The Steam Mop Select is a basic steam mop, with basic steam mop capabilities. However, with its lightweight design and easy-to-use controls, I think it’s worth checking out, especially if you are looking for a low cost steamer.