Dupray One Steam Cleaner

dupray one steam cleaner

If you are searching for an advanced steam cleaner, the Dupray One Steam Cleaner is among the best. It is a professional-grade machine that will give you sparkling results even when removing tough stains or cleaning very dirty surfaces. It has a sleek design, and it is hand-assembled in Europe.  

Compared to the cheaper alternatives, the Dupray One has better features to give you an exceptional cleaning experience. It is highly versatile with the ability to clean many items and surfaces. In our detailed Dupray One review, we shall explain its outstanding features in detail.  

Dupray One Steam Cleaner Specifications 

Dupray One Steam CleanerSpecifications
Heating Time8-10 minutes
Cleaning TimeUp to 50 minutes
Steam Temperature303°F (150°C)
Steam Pressure50.8PSI (3.5 bar)
Variable Steam ControlYes
Wattage1200-1400 watts
Water Capacityup to 51.2 fluid ounces (1.5L)
No of Parts/Accessories16
Tap Water FriendlyYes (with regular descaling)
Warranty3 year parts / Lifetime Boiler


If you are searching for a long-lasting canister steam cleaner, the Dupray One Steam Cleaner will be worth your money due to its rugged construction. Unlike most of its competitors, this unit is made using high-quality components from Germany and Italy. It is also hand-assembled in Europe. It comes with a 3 year warranty plus a lifetime warranty for the boiler. Another awesome thing about this machine is that it weighs 10 pounds only, which is very lightweight.  

The Boiler  

The machine comes with a stainless steel boiler with advanced TIG welds. As a result, it is very tolerant to hot water. This boiler has a capacity of 0.3 GAL or 1.15 liters. Using this machine, you can clean continuously for up to 50 minutes.    

Control Panel 

Even if you have never used a steam cleaner before, you will really enjoy using this one since it has a very user-friendly control panel. This panel features a pressure gauge, steam ready indicator, and a low water indicator.  Turn the dial to adjust the steam pressure as needed.


Unlike other steam cleaners, the Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner provides dry steam of up to 303⁰F/ 150⁰C. Due to this, it can kill up to 99.9% of bacteria, viruses, and other dangerous microorganisms. This makes it ideal for disinfecting floors, beds, mattresses, car interior, furniture, toys, countertops, ovens, etc. 

Superheated Dry Vapor 

 The boiler is pressurized 4 times the atmospheric pressure to enhance performance, which increases the water boiling point to 293⁰F/145⁰C. After this, the high-density heating element superheats the steam to 303⁰F, resulting in a low moisture vapor steam. It uses just 5% of the water content to form steam. 

Power Cord and Detachable Steam Hose 

Using this unit will cover a large area since it has a long 16 feet and 5 inches (5 meters) power cord. It also comes with a detachable steam hose which is 6 feet and 2 inches (1.88 meters) long. This means that it has a longer power cord and steam hose than most competitors.  

Safety features 

Just like other electrical appliances, steam cleaners are equally dangerous. Therefore, a good model should have many safety features to protect you and the machine. In this regard, the Dupray ONE Steam Cleaner has an inbuilt thermal sensor that detects when the water level is low. Once this happens, the heating element automatically shuts off, turning the low water indicator on. This protects the machine from potential burns.  

The machine has up to 4 levels of safety which include; 

  • Low water indicator 
  • Childproof safety lock 
  • Pressurized safety cap featuring an inbuilt blow off valve
  • An automatic shut-off function when the water is low

Dupray Accessory Kit 

dupray one accessory kit

Once you order this steam cleaner, you will find 16 different accessories in the box. The 16 Dupray One Steam Cleaner accessories include; 

  • Floor tool (11 inches/28 cm) – This tool is specifically designed for cleaning large surfaces such as floors. You can connect it to the extension tubes when cleaning walls, floors, or ceilings. There are also settings on the tool to lock it into place or rotate side to side. 
  • Window tool -The window tool is 9 inches wide (23cm) for fast window cleaning. It has a foam side for scrubbing and a squeegee side for a streak-free finish.
  • Triangular tool (5 inches/13 cm) – The triangular tool allows you to perform a wide variety of cleaning tasks. You can connect it with a bonnet or microfiber cloth to disinfect and pick up dirt when cleaning.  
  • Plunger tool- A plunger is an excellent tool for unclogging your drains. The plunger seals over the top of the drain, blasting hot steam into the drain to melt away grease and grime. No more harsh chemicals are required for drain cleaning!   
  • Refilling funnel- This allows you to refill water without spilling. 
  • 2 nylon brushes – These two soft nylon brushes are perfect for removing dirt from delicate surfaces. You can use them when cleaning appliances or when removing grout. 
  • The steam hose (6 feet and 2 inches long) helps pass hot steam to the attachments for easier cleaning. 
  • 2 Extension tubes (19 inches/48cm) – The two extension tubes allow you to connect different attachments when cleaning the floor, ceilings, or walls.  
  • Brass brush – This allows you to scrub hard surfaces. It is also suitable for cleaning grout. 
  • Microfiber bonnet – This microfiber bonnet helps you collect dirt when connected to either the rectangular tool or triangle tool. The steam cleaner comes with 2 bonnets, one for each attachment.
  • Connector – This locking mechanism allows you to attach accessories to the extension tubes or the hose. 
  • Lance- A lance is an excellent tool for cleaning items that need intensity and precision. It can be used together with brushes when scrubbing or deep cleaning surfaces.  
  • Microfiber cloth – this can be used on its own to wipe down surfaces or wrapped around the rectangle tool or the triangle tool.

Dupray One Steam Cleaner Uses 

Irrespective of what you want to clean in your home or office, this machine will give you outstanding results. Compared to other models, you will find that it has more advanced features making it ideal for heavy-duty cleaning tasks. You can use it for; 


One of the significant benefits of using the Dupray One Steam Cleaner is that it makes your work easier when cleaning floors. Whether you want to clean ceramic tiles, hardwood floors, carpets, grout lines, linoleum, terrazzo and stone flooring, you are assured of getting perfect results. 


You can use this machine for sanitizing and degreasing kitchen appliances such as fridges, ovens, countertops, sinks, etc. 


This steam cleaner is very reliable for cleaning all types of windows, screens, mirrors, ledges, etc. 

Furniture, Mattresses and Pest Control  

With this machine, you can effectively deodorize your chairs, furniture, leather, upholstery, etc. It is also reliable for removing odors and stains from all materials. Besides that, this machine is highly effective in killing dust mites, fleas, and bed bugs (just to name a few critters that like to invade your home), making it a suitable choice for safe home pest control.   

Car Interiors 

Cleaning car interiors can be time-consuming. You may not get excellent results if you don’t have a reliable cleaning machine. However, the Dupray One Steam Cleaner is suitable for removing stains or cleaning non-sensitive fabric or leather seats, door jams, engines, consoles, etc. 

Disinfecting Toys  

If you have children in your home, you can use this machine to disinfect or clean their toys, nursery furniture, change table, and strollers.  

Killing Germs 

This steam cleaner is among the best for killing bacteria, mold and mildew, viruses, germs, and other harmful microorganisms for those with pets in their house.  

How Does the Dupray One Steam Cleaner Work? 

Dupray One Steam Cleaner

Like other Dupray steam cleaners, the Dupray One uses the ordinary water turned into steam. It takes about 10 minutes for the water to reach up to 303⁰F. After this, you will only need to attach the necessary attachments that suit the type of cleaning you want to perform. You can connect it to the floor tool when cleaning the floor, the window tool for windows, and other accessories mentioned in this article.  

Even if you are a beginner, this appliance will be a suitable option since the controls are easy to understand.

Using the Dupray One Steam Cleaner For Cars 

The Dupray One steamer is an excellent choice for car detailing due to the super hot steam, long running time and variable attachments. The lance will get into cup holders and small crevices, while the triangle tool with either the microfiber cloth or bonnet is excellent for seats, door panels and more.

If you’re a professional auto detailer, I’d buy the Dupray One Plus which has a continuous refill, so you don’t have to stop cleaning and wait for the steamer to cool down before you can refill it.

Why You Need the Dupray One Steamer 

There are several reasons why you should consider the Dupray One Steam Cleaner. Some of these reasons are; 

  • Suitable for those with allergies – When cleaning various parts of your home, you might need different chemicals to kill bacteria and viruses. These chemicals might trigger allergic reactions in your family. However, steam cleaners like the Dupray One only require ordinary water, making steam cleaning an excellent choice for allergy sufferers. 
  • A professional use steamer for home – In terms of quality, the Dupray One steam cleaner is a professional-grade cleaning appliance. This means that you can use it for heavy-duty cleaning tasks within your home.
  • Durable – When buying a steam cleaner, you need to check the quality of components used to ensure that they are sturdy enough to handle tough cleaning tasks. This machine comes with durable parts and accessories. Besides that, it comes with a 3 years warranty and a lifetime warranty for the stainless steel boiler.  


  • Heats up to 303⁰F , much hotter than a standard steam mop
  • Variable steam pressure
  • Low water level indicator 
  • Built in safety features
  • 16 attachments 
  • Lifetime warranty on boiler


  • Cord wraps around the back (retractable would be a better design)
  • Nylon brushes are prone to melting with the hot steam
  • Approx 10 minute wait time before refilling
  • Price

Dupray One Steam Cleaner Video 

This video will step you through everything you need to know about setting up and using the Dupray One Steamer:

Dupray One vs Traditional Steam Mop

A traditional steam mop doesn’t begin to compare to the Dupray One steamer. Steam mops heat water to 212⁰F, the Dupray One heating up to 303⁰F. The flexibility the Dupray One steamer allows for whole home cleaning is far better than a steam mop that can only be used on floors. The quality of Dupray products also exceeds that of cheaper steam mops.

If you are looking for one appliance that can clean your entire home, a canister steam cleaner such as the Dupray One is a worthwhile choice.

Dupray One vs Dupray One Plus: Which is Better? 

In terms of performance, the Dupray One and One Plus are among the best models for home use from Dupray. So, what is the difference between the two models?

The Dupray One Plus is an upgraded version of the Dupray One Steamer. This means that it is more advanced even in terms of performance. Some of the benefits of the Dupray One Plus steam cleaner include;  

  1. No downtime – Unlike the Dupray ONE model, the One Plus Steam Cleaner allows you to refill the water tank when the machine is in use. This saves you time since you don’t need to wait for the steam cleaner to cool down before refilling. 
  2. Powerful steam – The other thing you will love about the One Plus model is that the water heats up to 320⁰F/160⁰C. A higher temperature will help faster eradicate bacteria, bedbugs, dust mites, viruses, and germs.  
  3. More steam pressure – The Dupray One operates up to 3.5 bar pressure (51.8PSI), the One Plus at 4.5 bar pressure (65PSI).
  4. Two-tank system – The Dupray One Plus uses advanced continuous steam technology since it has a two-tank system. This is how you can refill the water and continue to use the machine with no delays. Overall, it holds more water than the Dupray One steamer. 
  5. You can store either steam cleaner with the water inside in between uses. If you won’t be using for a longer period of time (eg months) it is best to empty out the water before storing the machine.

If your budget allows, the upgraded One Plus model is worth the extra money.

Where to Buy the Dupray One Steam Cleaner

Dupray have an official store on Amazon. You can find it here:

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most frequently asked questions about the Dupray One steamer and their answers. If there’s something we haven’t covered, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Can I Put Vinegar in My Dupray Steam Cleaner? 

You can use vinegar in any Dupray steam cleaner as part of the boiler cleaning process. This is essential if you use tap water in your steam cleaner. Dupray recommends cleaning the boiler tank after every 20 hours of use (less if you have hard water in your area). 

  • To clean the boiler, fill the tank with 50% white vinegar and 50% water. Leave the boiler cap open, do not turn on the machine, and let it sit overnight. 
  • The following day, drain the boiler and rinse with clean water. This will help keep your steam cleaner in excellent working condition. 
  • To avoid descaling your machine, use distilled or demineralized water instead of tap water.

Is Dupray One Steam Cleaner Worth It? 

Without a doubt, the Dupray One Steam Cleaner is among the best steam cleaners that will give you unmatched value for your money. It is equipped with reliable features, making it suitable for all forms of cleaning. This is a professional-grade machine that can be used for commercial purposes. 

How Hot Does the Dupray One Steamer Get? 

The Dupray One steam cleaner heats up to 303⁰F, producing dry steam with less than 5% moisture content. This is hotter than standard steam mops and steam cleaners, some of which only heat the water to 212⁰F.

Where is Dupray Made? 

The Dupray Company is based in North America, but their products are hand-assembled in different parts of Europe. Most of their accessories are made in Italy.  

Is Dupray a Good Brand? 

Dupray is among the most popular brands in steam cleaners. Their products come with fantastic features to ensure that you get the best results when cleaning. Apart from that, they come with a good warranty, making them perfect even for those on a budget. 

Can You Buy the Dupray One Steam Cleaner in Australia?

Dupray isn’t currently sold in Australia. If you were interested in buying a Dupray steam cleaner in Australia, you would need to purchase it from Amazon UK to get the correct voltage required for Australia. You would then need an adaptor for the power outlet to plug a UK power cord into an Australian socket. At the time of writing, the cost of buying the steamer from the UK (including shipping to Australia) is around $650 AUD.

Can You Buy the Dupray One Steam Cleaner in Canada?

Dupray is well supported in Canada with a head office located in Montreal. They have an official Canadian Amazon store and should there be any need to replace parts or service the machine under warranty, this can all be done within Canada. It costs around $650 CAD.

Final Verdict 

The Dupray One Steam Cleaner is among the most preferred models on the market. It comes with incredible features which make it ideal for professional grade cleaning at home. You can use it for degreasing, disinfecting, sanitizing, deodorizing, and removing stains from different materials. With this machine, you are assured of getting sparkling results irrespective of the items or surfaces you are cleaning. The lifetime warranty on the boiler tank is impressive. If your budget allows, consider upgrading to the One Plus model that you can refill whilst in use.