How Big of a Humidifier Do I Need? Room Sizes Covered

what size humidifier do I need

Whether it is for our dry skin or to deal with issues related to asthma, allergies, or dry eyes, humidifiers make life a lot easier! They work wonders for places with low humidity and can help you sleep well during the cold winter months.  

It is, however, important to note that humidifier size counts and needs to be taken into consideration when making a purchase. We’re here to help you figure out how big of a humidifier you might need!   

What Does a Humidifier Do? 

A humidifier adds moisture to the air in its surroundings. It does so by converting water to moisture either via heat or vibrations, which then converts the water to droplets that are then vaporized and spread into the immediate surroundings.  

Humidifiers help refresh your skin when it comes to itchiness and wrinkles. They help reduce symptoms of dry cough and cold weather. They help us keep our houses breathable and comfortable for as long as we need them. 

This helps you feel better, breathe better, and sleep better! Let’s take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions: 

What Are the Different Sizes of Humidifiers Available? 

Humidifier sizes are classified according to the amount of water they can store. The sizes of humidifiers can therefore be classified into: 

Tabletop Humidifiers: 1-4 Gallons 

humidifier sizing chart

Tabletop humidifiers are best for small areas and are perfect humidifiers for rooms starting at 200 square feet. These can be used while working at a desk, such as at a home office. They can also be used for travel purposes. 

Console Humidifiers: 5-12 Gallons 

Console humidifiers work best for large rooms such as the living room or a conference room measuring 1,000 square feet. They are perfect humidifiers for large, open spaces.  

Whole-House Humidifiers: 9+ Gallons 

These humidifiers usually work with the HVAC or furnace system and help maintain humidity throughout the house. 

What Kind of Portable Humidifier Would I Need for My Room?  

what size humidifier for the bedroom

Depending on the size of your room, here are the possible sizes of portable humidifiers that you could take a look at:  

  1. A humidifier capable of holding up to 1.5 gallons would be an ideal purchase for a room up to 400 square feet. 
  1. For rooms between 400 and 1000 square feet, you would want to look at humidifiers that can hold up to 3 gallons.  
  1. For larger rooms up to 1000 square feet, a humidifier holding more than 3 gallons would be best. 

How Big a Humidifier Would I Need for My Home?  

When deciding on a house, insulation, protection against extreme weather, and the heating system are important factors to keep in mind. When deciding on a whole-house humidifier, the following factors must be taken into consideration:  

  • The size of the house in square feet.  
  • How well insulated the house is (also known as tightness). The following elements must be taken into account here:  
  • Insulation: This is carried out to prevent heat from entering or escaping the area being covered. Insulation materials commonly include foam, fiberglass, and cellulose. 
  • Vapor Barrier: This is used to protect the house from mold. Foam, plastics, aluminum, and steel are commonly used as vapor barriers since they are water resistant. 
  • Storm protection on doors and windows: This involves the installation of storm shutters on both the doors and windows. Security window films are also a great, cost-effective option. 
  • Fireplace Dampers: These allow the air in the chimneys to escape, allowing the fire to start. 

Humidifier Size Recommendations:

  • Homes of around 1000 square feet with moderate tightness would need humidification using up to 3 gallons of water per day.  
  • For houses up to 2000 square feet, humidifiers holding up to 8 gallons of water daily would be most effective.  
  • On the other hand, humidifiers holding 13 gallons of water per day would work best for houses measuring around 3000 square feet.  

Can a Humidifier Be Too Big for a Room? 

how big humidifier do I need

Yes, a humidifier can be too big for a room. If a humidifier is purchased has more capacity than what is required for the space, it could lead to an infestation of mold and dust  mites and might even aggravate any existing allergies and asthmatic conditions. 

Do Humidifiers Cover the Entire Room? 

Humidifiers cover the entire room, provided that they can do so. If a room is too large for a humidifier, they’re likely to underperform.  

If the humidifier corresponds to the size of the room, the moist air will seek out drier areas to fill up and therefore cover the entire room. 

How Can I Measure Humidity in a Room? 

Humidity in a room can be gauged in the following ways: 

The ice cube test: 

  1. Place 2-3 ice cubes in a glass 
  1. Add water and stir 
  1. Wait for 4 minutes. 
  1. If there is no condensation on the outer surface of the glass, the air is too dry. 
  1. If condensation appears on the glass, there is moisture in the air. 

A Digital Hygrometer

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends a humidity percentage of 40-60% inside the house. Anything more than this could lead to the formation of mold and bacterial growth, amongst other health hazards.

Using a digital hygrometer is a quick and easy way to measure the humidity in your home. This $10 digital hygrometer is available on Amazon.

Now You Know About Humidifier Sizing

Now that you know the best sized humidifiers for different sized rooms, it’s time to take a look the best humidifiers. Remember, it is important to take note of and control the humidity in the house. To do so, humidifiers must be purchased after considering the home’s size and insulation.