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InstaSteam is an electricity free product that when mixed with water creates steam. It is perfect for taking with you on cruise ships, business trips and other vacations where you cannot take a handheld clothing steamer. InstaSteam can be activated anywhere that you have water and the ability to hang your clothes.

How Do You Use InstaSteam?

InstaSteam works by hanging your clothing inside the garment bag. After opening the InstaSteam pod, you place it inside the bottom of the garment bag and close the zip.

The water and eco-friendly minerals react together to produce steam, which in turn rises up throughout the closed garment bag, effectively removing wrinkles from your clothing.

What is an InstaSteam Pod?

An InstaSteam pod is a 6.5 x 6.5 inch packet with dry quicklime inside. You open this packet, or ‘pod’ and pour water inside. The water and quicklime minerals mixed together create a reaction producing hot steam.

How Safe is InstaSteam?

The makers of InstaSteam have advised the quicklime powder is a natural material, eco friendly and is safe to use.

Any remaining residue or powder in the bottom of the pod can be discarded with normal waste with minimal environmental impact.

InstaSteam is also non flammable. Like any clothing steamer, there is a risk of burns if touch the steam or the inside of the InstaSteam pod after it has been activated.

How Long Does InstaSteam Last?

One InstaSteam pod will produce up to one hour of steam. You can steam multiple lightweight garments using one InstaSteam pod.

If you plan to steam more than one piece of clothing at once, we recommend you space these out as evenly as you can in the garment bag. This is so the steam can penetrate both sides of your clothing to remove wrinkles.

The other option (which is recommended by InstaSteam) is use one InstaSteam pod but swap over items on the hanger after they have steamed.

This will mean however, that the steam generated from InstaSteam doesn’t last as long, as the steam and heat will escape when the garment bag is opened.

Can You Use InstaSteam with Any Type of Fabric?

No. As the name suggests, InstaSteam produces instant steam, once the pod has been activated. The steam travels up throughout the garment bag to relax the fibers of clothing.

As InstaSteam is electricity free, there is no power behind the steam generation, only the reaction of the quicklime mineral powder and water.

Because of this, InstaSteam is best suited to use on lightweight clothing. For example, a business shirt or lightweight dress shirt, summer dresses or blouses or lightweight dress pants and blazers.

InstaSteam won’t be as effective on thicker fabrics that require more heat or more steam such as denim, linen or wool.

Can You Take InstaSteam on a Cruise Ship?

Yes. We recommend packing this in your suitcase just to be safe.

As InstaSteam is electricity free, portable and non flammable, it is TSA approved for use on cruise ships.

Can You Take InstaSteam on Airplanes?

Yes. InstaSteam can be packed both in checked luggage and in carry on luggage.

It is not approved for use on-board airplanes however, so please don’t use InstaSteam whilst on board the aircraft.

Does InstaSteam Have Any Smell?

There is no scent added to the InstaSteam pods. They will naturally eliminate odors through the steam generation process.

Can You Use Tap Water in InstaSteam?

Yes. Unlike conventional garment steamers you can use tap water or bottled water in InstaSteam.

Tips for Using InstaSteam

Hang your InstaSteam garment bag close to where you are filling the InstaSteam pod with water. As soon as the water mixes with the quicklime, the mineral reaction starts and steam will be instantly produced.

If you have thicker clothing or a garment that is really wrinkled, try using two InstaSteam pods at once. Put them both inside the garment bag at the bottom.

Use the activated InstaSteam pod as a handheld steamer by holding the pod by the sides of the bag near the wrinkles. Be very careful however, it is still steam, it is still hot and may cause burns on your hands if they touch the steam.

As with electricity based garment steamers, please don’t try to steam the clothing you are currently wearing. This is a serious risk of burns.

Where Can I Buy InstaSteam?

The InstaSteam Starter Kit is available on Amazon. It consists of the InstaSteam Garment Bag and 3 x InstaSteam Pods. A standard size garment bag comes with the starter kit, however, you can purchase a longer garment bag separately.

Can You Buy InstaSteam Pods Without the Garment Bag?

Yes. InstaSteam pods are also available on Amazon. They are available in packs of 5 or packs of 10. It is more cost effective to purchase the pods in packs of 10.

If you have any more questions or there’s something I haven’t covered about InstaSteam, please let me know in the comments below. I hope you have enjoyed learning about the InstaSteam Travel Steamer product! This is certainly revolutionary when it comes to removing wrinkles from your clothing whilst traveling. If you can’t take a clothes steamer with you for travel, this product is well worth a look!

To see InstaSteam in action, check out this video from HSN:

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