Aicok Garment Steamer Review

Aicok have 5 different options when it comes to steaming clothing. A standing steamer, three handheld steamers and a vertical steam iron. I’ve taken a closer look at the Aicok Garment Steamer models to let you know the differences, pros and cons and help you decide which is the best garment steamer to buy.

Update October 2022: All the Aicok clothing steamers are out of stock at Amazon USA and Canada. I also could not find the steamers on Amazon UK. Please take a look at my handheld steamer recommendations or full size steamers for home.

Aicok Garment Steamer 1500w

aicok garment steamer bg525

The Aicok Garment Steamer 1500w is a standing steamer. Aicok have produced a really good steamer for the price with their 1500 watt steamer. This steamer does everything that you’d expect from a high end steamer, but at a cheaper price. It also comes with all the attachments for professional steaming and a two year warranty.

The height adjusts from 31.5 inches at its lowest to 63 inches when fully upright, making it easy adjust the standing steamer to suit your needs, or collapse smaller for storage. The Aicok steamer has 2 castors on the front and two larger wheels on the back so it can be rolled around your home without lifting.

With a 68oz water tank, the Aicok Steamer will run for around 60 minutes. The water tank can also be removed from the steamer for easy refilling or disposal of water. The steamer will auto shut off if there is not enough water, or the steamer gets too hot.

There is a built in clothing hanger and pant clips. The Aicok steamer also comes with a fabric brush to help remove lint and a crease tool for sleeves or trousers. Aicok cover this steamer with a 2 year warranty.

The Aicok Garment Steamer is comparable to the Pure Enrichment PureSteam XL Standing Steamer both in features and price point. At the time of writing, the Aicok Steamer was a few dollars more expensive than the Pure Enrichment PureSteam XL. You can check the latest price of the Aicok Steamer on Amazon.

Aicok Handheld Steamers

Here’s a quick overview of the features of the Aicok Handheld and Travel Steamers. Keep reading below for more detailed information on each steamer.

Aicok Vertical Steam Iron 1200 Watt

aicok mini travel garment steamer

This is a handheld steamer and iron combined in one, with two steam settings and a dry iron function. It has 1200 watts of power for superior steam output and will run for between 8 and 14 mins depending on the steam setting you choose.

This garment steamer weighs just under 2 pounds. It holds around half a cup of water and comes with a support frame to sit the steamer down on. The steamer will also auto shut off if the water is low or the steamer gets too hot.

Whilst there aren’t any attachments that come with this steamer, with the iron plate, you don’t really need it. A fabric brush could be helpful, but as far as a crease tool goes, that’s what the iron plate is for.

This steamer gives the best of both worlds with being able to powerfully steam your clothes, and ensure your collars, cuffs and trousers have a professional pressed look.

Aicok Handheld Garment Steamer

aicok handheld garment steamer

The design of the Aicok Handheld Steamer is quite common across handheld steamers and is a popular choice for either your home or travel steaming needs.

The 8.79oz water tank has a leak proof design, so you can use the steamer both vertically for clothing, curtains or drapes and horizontally for clothing laying flat, bed covers and soft furnishings.

There is only one steam output with this steamer, meaning it cannot be adjusted to a lower or higher steam setting depending on the type of fabric you are steaming.

Considering it is a 1000 watt steamer however, this is a moderate output of steam which could be used on any fabric, without needing adjustment. It is really only when you look at more powerful steamers that adjusting to a lower level of steam is needed.

The Aicok Handheld Steamer heats up in around 30 seconds and should steam for approximately 15 minutes, possibly 20 minutes. This handheld steamer comes with two attachments – a fabric brush and lint brush, which Aicok refer to the lint brush as a pant clip brush. This doesn’t appear to be a specific creasing tool however.

Aicok Dual Steam Handheld Steamer

aicok 1500w 15s garment steamer

As the name suggests, the Aicok Dual Steam handheld steamer has two steam settings. It has a seriously fast heat up time – 15 seconds – but that is probably to be expected with any steamer that holds such a small volume of water.

The Aicok Dual Steam handheld steamer is a suitable choice for travel within the USA. Don’t be confused by Aicok’s marketing with this one – they promote that if you are traveling to Vienna, or Canada (etc) you’ll need to keep your clothes looking crisp, but the Dual Steam handheld steamer is not a dual voltage steamer.

This steamer has quite a good steam output – at 24 grams of steam per minute, this is great for a handheld steamer. For comparison, the Aicok Handheld Steamer above outputs 18 grams of steam per minute. As far as the output of steam goes, this is a better choice for the handheld steamers.

What lets this handheld steamer down however, is the tiny water tank. The exact size of the water chamber is not stated anywhere in Aicok’s documentation. The Steamfast Handheld Steamer of the same design also runs for 5 minutes and has a 3oz water tank, so I’d compare the Aicok Steamer to that one.

I do like the ergonomic design of this handheld steamer and that is comes with a storage bag for travel, a fabric brush and a steaming glove to protect your hand. Aicok also offer a 2 year warranty on this handheld steamer and full refund within the first 30 days.

Aicok Portable Fabric Steamer

aicok garment steamer review

This is one of the original design of garment steamers which cannot be tilted past a 45 degree angle. These types of steamers are commonly reported as spitting and leaking water, which is probably because the user has tilted the steamer over too far, or wasn’t using distilled water.

This handheld steamer is the last choice on my list, in fact, I gave it a not recommended title as I don’t really have much to say about this steamer when compared with the other Aicok Steamers. The other choices of Aicok Steamers are quite simply, better than this one.

It is a cheap steamer, because of the older design. It won’t heat up as hot as newer models with higher watts, and this does affect the output of steam. This steamer heats up to 900 watts.

This handheld steamer is only suitable for vertical steaming and should run for approximately 10 minutes with the 7oz water tank. Aicok still feature the auto shut off function when the water is low or steamer gets too hot with this steamer. It comes with a little fabric brush as well, but that is the only accessory.

Overall, it’s not a bad steamer. It’s just not as versatile as the others. It can be used on any type of fabric and if you can only spend under $20 for a garment steamer, this could be a choice to consider.

As an added bonus, this steamer has a 2 year warranty, which seems to be across the board for Aicok Garment Steamers.