Electrolux Garment Steamer Review 2023

In November 2020, Electrolux partnered with Smartek USA to release a new line of garment care items. This included the Electrolux handheld garment steamer, travel garment steamers and a new Electrolux SteadySteam™ iron.

This review post will focus on the Electrolux garment steamers. Click here for the review of the Electrolux SteadySteam™ iron. This iron is designed to be used vertically, outputting a steady stream of steam like a garment steamer. For those not quite ready to give up the iron yet, this iron could help you have the best of both worlds.

electrolux handheld steamer review

But for now, let’s talk about the Electrolux garment steamers. I was really impressed with the larger handheld steamer the first time I saw it, and I’m sure that you will be too. What won me over the most when I first saw that Electrolux had released a garment steamer, wasn’t the steamer itself, it was the brand.

The Electrolux brand has been part of my life since I was a child. We had Electrolux appliances in our home and to me, I associate the Electrolux brand with quality. Unlike other small appliance brands, Electrolux also make large appliances such as steam washing machines, steam dryers and steam ovens just to name a few.

The introduction of garment steamers into their laundry care range feels like a natural progression. Let’s take a closer look at the handheld steamer to start.

The Electrolux Handheld Steamer

electrolux garment steamer review

This garment steamer is sleek and stylish, with a ceramic coated sole plate which retains heat for efficient steaming. Holding 300ml of water (approximately 10 fluid ounces) you can use the Electrolux steamer for around 15-18 minutes before needing to top the water up.

Ths handheld steamer is ergonomically designed and sits well in your hand. You can press the trigger button on the front to control the steam output, or lock it down for a convenient continuous flow of steam.

There are two steam settings which are controlled on the touch pad on the back of the steamer. With an electromagnetic pump, the Electrolux steamer works in horizontal and vertical directions and has poweful steam output.

Here are the basic specifications:

Model NumberLX15002
Power1500 watts
Steam Settings2
Heat up time30 seconds
Water Capacity10 ounces
Steam timeup to 18 minutes
AccessoriesFabric brush, lint brush
Auto Shut Off FeatureYes
Cord Length12 feet
Use Horizontally and VerticallyYes

Pro #1 – Electromagnetic Steam Pump

Probably the best thing about the Electrolux steamer is the electromagnetic steam pump, which pushes steam out at an excellent capacity. This steam pump also means you can use the Electrolux steamer both vertically and horizontally without water dripping, leaking or spitting.

Pro #2 – Auto Shut Off Feature

Secondary to the steam pump, Electrolux have included an auto shut off feature, both if the water runs dry and if the steamer doesn’t get turned off. To simplify this, the Electrolux steamer will automatically stop 45 seconds after it detects there is no water. If you’ve sat the steamer down and forgotten about it; after another 8 minutes it will completely shut down.

In short, it stops when the water runs out, then shuts off completely 8 minutes after that if you don’t use the steamer.

Pro #3 – Ceramic Coated Soleplate

Finally, the third biggest appeal with the Electrolux steamer is the ceramic coated sole plate. Many steamers offer aluminum sole plates, which are good, but ceramic coating helps to glide across your fabric as well as retaining heat.

If I can also sneak in here the power cord is 12 feet long, so you don’t need to steam right next to the power outlet, or can easily reach the top of curtains, or head over to your lounge and soft furnishings without needing a giant extension lead.

Con #1 – No Crease Tool

Whilst Electrolux include two attachments with their handheld steamer, a fabric brush and a lint brush, they are missing a crease tool. I hope that they introduce this in the future, in fact, I wrote to Electrolux and told them they should.

Also, as a newly released garment steamer for 2021, there are no spare parts or accessories available to purchase if you break something or lose an accessory.

What Water Do I Use in the Electrolux Garment Steamer?

I’d like to start by congratulating Electrolux for being upfront about needing to use distilled or demineralized water in their steamer. Upon opening the manual, the first instruction says:

Your appliance was designed to operate using pure demineralized water

Having just read 60+ Rowenta steamer manuals, with conflicting instructions about what water to use in their steamers, it was a big relief to see this printed right upfront. Unfortunately, the Amazon listing doesn’t openly disclose needing to use demineralized or distilled water in the handheld steamer, so I can only hope that those who purchase the steamer read the manual (or this article) before they fill it up from the kitchen tap.

For more information about the right water to use in your clothing steamer (and why), see my post on why you should never use tap water in your clothing steamer.

Electrolux Voyage Compact Handheld Travel Steamer

electrolux travel garment steamer

This is a super sweet mini travel steamer that is not too much bigger than your hand (measures 8 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide). Electrolux got it right as far as size goes with this travel handheld steamer, including a cup to refill, a fabric brush and a handy drawstring bag to keep everything contained in.

I want to love this travel steamer, and am particularly fond of the navy blue color. If you’re heading away on a Summer vacation and need a portable and lightweight steamer for t-shirts, shorts and dresses, this 900 watt steamer will work a treat.

If you want to steam anything heavier such as coats, denim, possibly even linen, I’m not sure this travel steamer will have enough grunt to completely remove the wrinkles.

I am pleased to see the same electromagnetic pump as in the larger Electrolux handheld steamer. The sole plate is metal, not ceramic coated like the larger Electrolux handheld steamer, and there is no auto shut off feature on this travel steamer.

Along with 900 watts of power, the steam output is around 14 grams per minute. This is a fairly low output of steam, but expected for a mini steamer. Here are the specs:

Model NumberLX900T
Power900 watts
Steam SettingsOne
Heat Up Time30 seconds
Water Capacity110ml (3.7 fl oz)
Steam Time10 minutes
AccessoriesFabric brush
Travel bag
Auto Shut Off FeatureNo
Cord Length7.5 feet
Use Horizontally and VerticallyYes
Warranty12 months

What I like the most about the Electrolux Voyage Travel Steamer is it is actually a small sized portable steamer. It is hard online to gauge the actual size of a handheld steamer, and some people can be quite surprised at how large a handheld steamer actually is.

This steamer is genuinely designed for travel and won’t take up too much space in your luggage. If you are traveling abroad however, please note this is a 110 volt steamer (not dual voltage), so you will need some kind of adaptor to use it with 220 volt power supply (Europe, Australia, Singapore etc).

Here are the links for everything you need for travel outside the USA:

You can also buy the Electrolux Travel Steamer online at Walmart.

buy online at walmart

What Water Do You Use in the Electrolux Travel Steamer?

Distilled water is the best choice for this travel steamer. Here is the official statement from Electrolux regarding water types for their travel steamer:

According to the design, the product is only suitable for tap water, purified water or distilled water. If the water in the area you live in is very hard, scale build-up can be very fast. Therefore, it is recommended to inject pure or distilled water into the tank to extend the life of the product.

Electrolux Voltage Travel Steamer User Manual

If you are traveling with this mini steamer, you may not always have access to distilled water. If you need to use tap water or bottled water in the steamer, follow my instructions on how to clean and descale a steamer when you get back off your trip to keep your travel steamer in top working condition.

About the Electrolux Brand

Electrolux is a Swedish brand which has been supplying home appliances for over 100 years. After Whirlpool, Electrolux is the second largest appliance maker in the world.

Electrolux products include refrigerators, freezers, ovens, cookers, hobs, hoods, microwave ovens, dishwashers, washing machines, tumble dryers, vacuum cleaners, air conditioners, air purifiers and small domestic appliances.

Electrolux is considered a premium brand and have history and market share to back it up. I won’t hesitate to purchase an Electrolux appliance and I am so pleased to see the introduction of garment steamers into the market.